How to calculate solar power cost?

There are five crucial data points that are required in order to decide if its best for you to go for a solar PV installation. These are given as follows-

• Capacity and number of solar panel required to match your electricity requirements.

• Number of batteries to store electricity generated from solar power.

• Estimated electricity generation.

• Cost of system.

• Estimated savings that would reflect in the total electricity bill.

Solar Power Scenario in India

Green Clean Guide’s (GCG’s) Solar PV System Calculator provides all this information in easy steps. In addition, the calculator can also provide information on the possible CO2 reduction from the use of solar energy.

Solar photovoltaic (SPV) installations are growing in India. In addition to large utility scale solar PV installations, domestic consumers are now also interested in installing solar PV systems to power their homes and offices.

Solar power penetration is bound to increase in India as India gets 300 days clear sunshine and the government has also come up with solar friendly policies such as accelerated depreciation benefits (tax benefits), Tax holidays, MNRE subsidy and Net metering for some states and others would also follow soon.

Solar power is a clean source of energy, is maintenance free and you can also take advantage of the tax and subsidy benefits that are in place for the promotion of this technology.

Sample this, the IEA (International Energy Agency) in its recent report stated that by 2050, solar power could be the dominant source of electricity. As per the report, up to 16% of world’s electricity could be generated from solar PV systems.

PV panels continue to be the most favourite of all solar powered technologies and the PV modules have seen a rapid fall in prices which are set to decrease further in future as new technologies and rapid penetration assisted by government support continue to fuel the growth of solar power.

However, most of the consumers find it difficult to determine the size, solar panel price and possible cost savings from installation of solar PV system. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has developed performance estimates for grid-connected PV systems.

Using this information, one can calculate possible energy generation from the solar PV system and determine size of the system.

NREL has publically made available this data at their website. Moreover, we at Green Clean Guide have also come up with a Solar Panel Calculator that will easily make all calculations for you.

All you need to do is provide relevant information such as the state you are residing in, your average consumption, backup, power cuts and the roof area that you wish to exploit for utilizing solar power.

The algorithm will do the rest giving you an estimate about the size of the solar panels that you will require. Give the solar panel calculator a try.

The Solar PV system calculator should be used for reference purpose only. Please undertake proper market research or/and take advice of solar experts before taking a financial decision.

Note:  We have removed the solar calculator from this page due to technical issues.  We will soon add it here.