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The Climate Resilience Framework: Training Materials by ISET-International

ISET - Climate Resilience Framework- Training MaterialsTo help urban planning professionals, decision-makers and civil society build the resilience in cities around the world, ISET has developed a toolkit called the Climate Resilience Framework: Training Materials, which builds off of the popular Climate Resilience Framework. Here they provide solutions for communities and planners trying to ensure local preparedness and adaptability in the face of uncertain climate impacts or potential natural disasters. features materials developed by technical experts (climate scientists, hydrologists, economists, and social scientists) in collaboration with a qualified instructional designer, and tested with a diverse set of audiences from different countries and cultural contexts. The toolkit features a three-part training series, case studies, policy briefs, technical reports, and additional instructional components.

With these launch of, ISET-International shares lessons from their engagement with cities across Asia and provides field-tested tools to help guide international stakeholders and communities in building a secure and resilient future.

Read more on ISET-International’s blog.

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