Kochi Airport

Eco-friendly Airports in India – Treat to Eco-conscious Travelers

Air transportation plays a critical role in the present globalized world, it being one of the principal means of movement of cargo and passengers from one corner of the world to the other. Air travelling is less time consuming and relatively comfortable which is why it has witnessed significant amount of both international and regional traffic over the decades, for which the airports are being modernized and developed to cater to the increasing demand. The development of infrastructure is important40

US finally moves to Cleaner options under Obama

The US government which has a history of being non-committal on clean energy issues (US did not adopt the Kyoto Protocol) and did not adopt any binding GHG emission cuts in the past under the guise of unknown harms to its industry has finally bitten the bullet as it were and has moved forward with a historical initiative to cut emissions. The new rule proposes curbs on carbon dioxide emissions for existing power plants. Power plants in the United States40

Methane emission from Solid Waste Disposal Site

How to Quantify GHG Emission from Municipal Solid Waste Disposal Sites?

We explained in our last post about the emission of methane from Municipal Solid Waste Disposal Sites (SWDS). In this post, we will understand the quantification methodology for the methane emission from SWDS. India is a signatory to the  International Climate Change treaties such as UNFCCC, hence  methane emissions from the solid waste disposal sites has to be estimated and reported to the United Nations’ Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) under the National Greenhouse Gas Inventory. Based on the40

How to calculate carbon emissions from a fuel wood cooking stove?

Energy is one of the key indicators of sustainable development. Major portion of the population of India lives in rural areas and is heavily dependent on biomass for their daily energy needs. India derives a major part of its cooking energy needs from solid fuels such as firewood and cattle dung. Biomass cooking is a major source of Green House Gas (GHG) emissions and also releases Black carbon (BC) that leads to severe air pollution. It is also the root40