Srinagar as a Smart City- Involve, Evolve, Dissolve

Srinagar has been and is the jewel of the Kashmir valley in every respect. Right from the alleys downtown to the majestic Dal Lake banks, the city is a marvel. To revamp and redecorate it with luxurious buildings and arches of roadside parks would be a huge step towards ornamenting the already beautiful. Developing Srinagar as a smart city would indeed be a wise and thoughtful move. It needs concrete banks around rivers and lakes, maintenance of Mughal gardens from40

Nanga Parbat_Western Himalayas

Kashmir’s soul is in shambles! When would we rise…?

Kashmir, over the ages, has remained what we call “Terrestrial Paradise” of the planet earth. It wears an overtly devoutsoul, known as Srinagar, on its sleeves with splendor. Any visitor, after buckling himself/herself up, to Kashmir can enjoy a heartwarming joy ride when sailing through the tides of Srinagar. This city of Srinagar, historically known for its panache, had illuminated the lights of world history well before the sacred feet of Jesus Christ (Peace Be upon Him) touched the earth.40