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August 2019: Monthly Environmental News Roundup

1. HONDA GETS GRENCO Star Performer Award

The (HMSI) Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India PVT LTD one of India’s most trusted bike brand awarded the GreenCo Star Performer award to one of its motorcycle manufacturing plant in Narsapura, Karnataka for taking sustainable environment initiatives.
The plant carried out the environment-friendly initiatives by reducing the water usage by 80,000 KL within a year. Correspondingly the plant has also successfully saved 52.8 Million kWh by carrying out solar energy initiatives. The solar energy initiative consists of the usage of solar drying & dishes to save energy.
Honda has successfully achieved this award at the GreenCO summit 2019 by defeating the other 11 well reputed big companies.


An effective step of launching a project in Thiruvananthapuram in order to keep the tourist places in the state free of plastic garbage was launched. The project was launched correspondingly with stake-holders.
The project was launched by the tourism minister MR. Kadakampally Surendran under the well-known “Clean Kerala Project”. Correspondingly arranged by some self-government institutions All over the state, over 21 destinations are selected to carry out this project successfully. The project is believed to provide eco-friendly traveling experience to the tourist visiting the destination.
The government is said to launch over 15,515 RT units which will subsequently increase to 50,000 units in the upcoming phase.


One of the best Air traveling companies Vistara carries out a crucial step of stopping the providing of 200ML water bottles on the flights. Correspondingly Vistara also banned Gutka earlier now banned plastic bottles on flights. The new rule was implemented on the DELHI-MUMBAI flight which took off on 16th July. The Airline is believed to replace the Plastic bottles by serving water in Eco-Friendly paper cups.
The airline has announced that this step is proven to be effective and is believed to reduce plastic usage by 50 % and is believed to increase through the upcoming years. This step is a remarkable initiative in Environment conservation & sustainability development.


The move taken by Andhra Pradesh of reviewing the wind and solar energy cost & bring their cost down could lead to delay of payments to the distributional companies. This move will eventually lead to increased stress on over 5.2 GW renewable projects that estimate a depth of RS. 21,000 Crore.
Due to a lack of liquidity support the projects are at increased risks of default. The reviewing started on 1st July 2019 has told the designated committees to carry out research on the current rates, benchmark, and other aspects and submit the report by 45 days. Or else the respective committees will face severing actions.


A typical village named Gurior is filled with men & women at the sunrise after an overnight rainstorm in Gurior. The village experienced the rain after many years of drought this rain has brought hopes to the villagers and the farmers, especially of eastern Guatemala.
But surprisingly a 30-year-old man from Guatemala took a break from farming when asked the reason he says that – “his children have slept empty stomach for past 3 potential years as their crops failed due to drought”. He also says that he believes that this harvest will be good and will bring food to their family. But till the harvest, their family has only 46 KG of maize left that is not even enough for 1 month.


The rising sea levels in the Eric Pineda as one of a restaurant here face immersive destruction due to high tides.
A recent tide that hit the restaurant was believed to be razed till the night club door leaving behind tones of ruins and plastic. The restaurant’s many properties are destroyed due to the Pacific Ocean and the tidal waves.
Pineda (24) said that each year the ocean is getting closer and they only have 1 or 2 years till the water takes them too, every year 1-meter ground is believed to wash away”.
The golden beaches on the Gulf of Fonseca are experiencing a shortage of sand as the tides have wiped out sand, roads, restaurants, houses everything.


The Congo forest is believed to be the second-largest rain forest in the world. But this year the forest is experiencing a dry season according to research the dry season is growing every 6-10 days with a decade, and the drying rates will increase in the upcoming years.
If the dry season continues then the Congo forest will lose ground at a high rate & will face drought-like situations. The natural and human causes will eventually decide the future of the forests. Whether it will sustain or keep on increasing to the probability of experiencing drought-like situation says the research team. 
This concern applies to many other rain forests in the world. 


The Brazilian Amazon is believed to shoot up deforestation but the Brazilian president says that the data is a “lie”. The data was taken from the satellite by Brazil’s National Institute for space research (INPE) but the president denies it on 19th July on the breakfast with journalists. 
The scientific facts always tell the truth says the research agency but the Galvao said Bolsonaro a “coward” for voicing in the front of the public.
A couple of more scientific experts believes that Bolsonaro’s government is clearing the forest for the Pre-development of mining and other development activities without thinking of the environment and adverse effects of deforestation. 


Ethiopia aimed to plant 200 million seeds in a day but planted over 350 million in a day. A huge achievement by Ethiopia event the Ethiopian prime minister is believed to get out and make his hands dirty.
All the students, government workers, farmers, environmentalists approximately the whole population came out on a day and carried out huge- scale tree plantation resulting in becoming the largest 1-day tree plantation in the history. All the schools, colleges, and other government bodies were closed during the tree plantation. The plan was suggested by MR. Ahmed in order to fly from deforestation and global warming.


The scientist has researched and discovered the importance of animals for fighting against the climate crises. Two powerfully studies were carried out and the results.
The 1st study draws the conclusion after caring out research on the elephants of Congo forest that trample the vegetation & eventually knock down the trees; this act leads to the more slowly-growth & dense-bodied tress eventually.
The 2nd study carried out in the Southeast Asian forest concludes that the animals in the Asian forest have more trees that help in growing the wind-pollinated seeds eventually leading to the importance of the animals in order to sustain. These two studies prove that even natural animals are helping in saving the planet from climate crises


A Cambodian Buddhist monk Khoeum Saray’s carries out a ritual prayer daily for protecting the forests of Cambodia and correspondingly also advises the villagers on how to take initiatives to protect the forests.
The Monks ‘community forest set-upped in 2002 that spreads over 71 square miles in Cambodia. Today is the largest community to manage the forest in Cambodia that is benefiting over 4,000 people & 6 villages in Cambodia. The monks believe that religion is one of the most powerful tools of protecting the planet it could be used effectively and desired results can be easily obtained.
Due to the trust of monks, the people carrying out initiatives don’t think that monks are doing this for their greed. The religious belief is effectively used here by the monks to protect the Cambodian forest. 


Is standing up for the environment dangerous a tally launched is believed to say that over 164 environmentalists were killed in there never-ending effort to protect the environment in 2018.
A report was issued by the NGO global awareness that tracked the murders and the “unknown disappearance” of the environmentalist. All these environmentalists were trying to conserve the environment from Mining, industrial growth, and other harmful causes. That is destroying the environment at a high rate.
Correspondingly the gathered data also shows that the murders and the kidnaps are supported by the government. Thus, defining that even the government is responsible for this shameful act & that’s the main reason nothing comes out regarding the disappearance of the environmentalist.


Drought one of the major concern of the world has even hit China. One of the highest Vegetation & forest cover countries all around the world. A recent reach concluded that the drought has affected over 571,800 people of the providence & correspondingly also 42,600 people need help to survive the drought situations.
According to the research, over 685,000 hectors of crops are affected and over 79,000 hectors are predicted to get affected soon. The calculated loss is about $46.68 Million in one year this price is more than the amount spends on environment conservation initiatives.
The government of China has sent research teams to all affected areas to find the main reason for drought situations and help the affected people. 


A girl named Greta Thunberg is believed to sail across the whole Atlantic on a high-speed modern yacht in order to get to the UN Climate Summit in the US. The 16-year-old Girl is an active environmentalist and is showing her concern regarding climatic issues very effectively.
Greta Thunberg will take over 2 weeks (15 days) approximately to reach her destination. She also took part in the Global school climate strike movement. Greta Thunberg will be taking a year off in order to attain the Global Submit because she believes in this Submit the future of the world will be decided. And she wants to see the future and wants to be a part of it.


Zimbabwe one of the major countries facing water shortage resulting in the generation of drought-like situations in the country . Due to the negligence of the Zimbabwe government, the remaining water is also wasted due to in proper water management systems
4 out of 2 water reservoirs in Zimbabwe are dried due to lack of rain. And the remaining 2 reservoirs filled with 40%-55% of water are wasting the water through leakage and water theft eventually.
The reason behind these situations is not the early harm done to the environment it is the long 32 years of miss management done by the government under Robert Mugabe for 32 years. That has left the whole water system of Zimbabwe shattered.


Wastewater one of the major concerns of the whole world 80% of the world’s wastewater is believed to be released in the environment untreated. If the wastewater is cleaned and is recycled then that same wastewater could be easily used for the agriculture practices effectively. 
Correspondingly many more daily live practices could be easily carried out. The entire nutrient in the treated wastewater could easily nourish the plants, eventually leading to the stop of the usage of fertilizers.
The research also found that consuming the lettuce grown in the wastewater can lead to the “yuck factor”. The yuck factor is believed to help in recycling the quality of the soil.


All the natural energy items such as Coal, Gas and many other gases get over $350 Billion support from all over the world corresponding to the $100 Billion for renewable energy. The (IISD) International Institution for Sustainable Development has recently found that over 30 % of the fossil fuels subsidies can easily help in the initiative of clean energy.
Ending the subsidies has been recommended by many scientists in order to tackle the global climatic conditions. Many countries believe to remove the subsidies as it is just harming and doing nothing else. Even in the G20 submit the nations included are trying to phase the subsidies out. 


As the heat on earth is increasing the summer is becoming more and hotter. July was the hottest month ever recorded in the history of mankind says the scientists.
The scientist says that these are the warnings of climate change. The heat waves flowing all around the world in July 2016 were the hottest months in the world. This July’s temperature caused many environmental damages to say the experts.
This extreme heat has also resulted in the melting of Icebergs in Greenland at a high rate. Corresponding to the unpredictable wildfires in the arctic and the pristine forest eventually. This July was the hottest month and is believed to become hotter in the upcoming years.

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