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Beau Lake introduces the Tahoe ’14 and Lugano ’14 Electric Runabouts

Toronto, Canada

Beau Lake introduces their Electric ’14 Tahoe combining the beauty and mystique of classic wooden boat aesthetics for today’s eco-conscious audience. It also introduces the Lugano ’14 in a color palette reminiscent of classic cars and inspired by the styling of the vintage lake runabout, designed for silent responsive navigation and carefree mechanics and maintenance as per information available from v2com.

Photo credit: Olivier Staub via v2com

These self-draining electric boats consist of three primary construction components; the hull, cockpit liner and deck surface, while an ergonomically designed, hand-carved wooden tiller with joystick component steers its course. Luxury details include a hand-carved mahogany tiller and joystick, one-inch thick leather seat covers that snap off for easy storage, removable two-compartment cooler and charcuterie board. Mirror polished stainless-steel castings and hardware enhance the nautical air.

The deck is protected by a proprietary epoxy and polyturethane coating for extended wear. Lightweight molded fiberglass hull makes haul and launch simple, and buffing scuffs easy. Self-draining construction means covering the boat is optional.

The Tahoe and Lugano Electric models are propelled by the Cruise 2.0FP and 24-104 Lithium smart battery by Torqeedo, German leader in marine electrical systems.

Built for excursions, sunset cruises and lake or canal explorations, the Runabout’s molded fiberglass body, inlaid veneer deck and beautifully finished stainless steel castings and hardware invoke the essence of a Beau Lake state of mind. Added luxury includes one-inch thick leather seat covers that snap off for easy storage and a compartmentalized cooler that contours to the boat. 

Photo credit: Shin Sugino via v2com

About Beau Lake

Co-founded in 2016 by Lee Kline and Paul Lavoie, Beau Lake is a true reflection of the lives and careers of both men. While growing up on summer sails on Lake Ontario, Lee Kline also inherited the passion, skills and aptitudes of his great-grandfather, a machinist, metallurgist and fine cabinetmaker. Kline spent much of his professional career focused on integrating material advancements from the transportation industry into the architectural and product fields. His attention to craft, materials and design has paved the way to successes in working with manufacturers to ensure final products that retain their initial design visions.
While sharing a parallel experience to Kline’s waterside upbringing, Paul Lavoie’s professional career adds core business expertise to Beau Lake. A co-founder of TAXI, Canada’s most creative advertising and design agency network, Lavoie’s skills in creating an appealing brand narrative and understanding fluctuating marketing landscapes has helped launch numerous major brands and products.
Beau Lake believes that enhanced waterside living comes with the responsibility of stewardship. The company is currently in talks with diverse water and conservation charities with the goal of donating a share of its profits to addressing the many environmental challenges posed to water.

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