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Carbon can be traded again

European Union reopened world’s largest carbon trading market on first week of this month. It had been suspended after the cyber attack on 19th Jan 2010 on different National registries. (Read full story here). Hackers have succeeded to steal up to two million European Union Allowances (One EUA = About 13 Euro) from the Czech national carbon registry along with Greece, Estonia, Poland and Austria. First five registries France, Germany, Netherlands, Slovakia and Britain took initiative to reopen followed by France.

Fear is still there

Traders/brokers are still in confusion to identify the false carbon credits/ allowances across the market. They do believe that unidentified stolen credits/allowances are still in circulation and may become a reason for entire loss of money.  There is still a risk to buy this pseudo allowances leading to loosing face value credible to that offsets. That means loss of money.

The International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) has suggests to maintain the serial numbers and ownership of the stolen EUAs to prohibit further confusion.

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