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Economic importance of Agathis robusta

Agathis robusta_Bark
Agathis robusta

Common name: Australian dammar pine, kauri pine
Family: Araucariaceae
Origin: Australia

Description: Monoecious tree, trunk clear for over half its length; crown dense. Bark is orange-brown, brown or grey-brown; smooth to slightly flaky. Bark exudates a clear or somewhat milky. Leaves spirally arranged on primary shoots, opposite to sub-opposite on lateral shoots; leaves entire on petioles, linear to elliptic, veins fine, longitudinal, more or less parallel. Juvenile leaves similar but oblong-lanceolate, acute, glabrous, green, shiny above and dull beneath, venation faint and longitudinal.

Economic Importance:

  • Excellent source of timber for general joinery purposes.
  • Wood is easy to work upon and gives a glossy surface. Used for making plywood, cabinet works, furniture, indoor fittings and building boats.
  • Wood is also used for manufacture of writing, printing, and wrapping papers.
  • Yields an oleoresin which is used in adhesives, paints, polishes, inks, and lacquers.

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