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Economic Importance of Dillenia indica

Family:  DilleniaceaeDillenia indica-Fruit
Genus: Dillenia
Species: D. indica
Common name:  Elephant apple, chalta
Origin:  India

Description: Middle sized to evergreen tree.  Leaves fascicled at the end of the branches,  oblong  lanceolate, acuminate, sharply serrate, lateral nerves.  Flowers large, white,  fragrant.  Petals obovate, delicate. Fruit always green, hard and enclosed by five thickened sepals.

Economic Importance:

  1. The timber is moderately refractory to seasoning. It is very durable though the sap-wood is subject to attack by borers. It takes a good polish but requires initial grain filling.
  2. The sapwood is considered valuable now. Poles are used for posts, rafters, shafts and for agricultural implements. Sapwood is the best Indian timber so far tested for textile shuttles. The poles can be used for mine work and pit- props. The ebon heartwood is used for carving, picture frames, scales, toys, combs.
  3. The fruit is edible. The fruit, leaves and bark are useful for many cures. Leaves are reported to be lopped for fodder in U.P. Leaves have a great importance in the cottage industry for wrapping bidis, because of its certain special quality such as flavour, colour, leathery texture, easy workability on drying, resistance to decay, good smoking and burning qualities and mainly because of its availability in the larger parts of India.


 Dillenia indica-Tree  Dillenia indica-Bark
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