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Economic importance of Plumeria acutifolia

Plumeria flowers
Plumeria flowers

Family: Apocynaceae
Common name:
Pagoda tree

Description: A small tree, planted as an ornamental. Trunk is usually leaning and often branched. Leaves are long, narrow, clustered near the end of branches. Branches have many scars showing where leaves have fallen off.  White latex drips out where a leaf is broken off, or from any cut in bark or stems.


Economic Importance:

  • Bark is used as a stimulant, in decoction used as a purgative, febrifuge, and emmenagogue; also used in dropsical and venereal affections and said to be a powerful anti-herpatic.
  • Latex rubefacient and purgative; useful in treatments for itch, rheumatism, and gum troubles.
  • Root cathartic.
  • Wood used for making drums and other musical instruments supposed to be free from termites.

Plumeria flower picture credit: Renesis, Wikipedia



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