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Economic importance of Adenanthera microsperma

Adenanthera microsperma
Adenanthera microsperma – Tree

Kingdom: Plantae
Phylum: Magnoliophyta
Class: Magnolipsida
Order: Fabales
Family: Fabaceae
Genus: Adenanthera
Species: Adenanthera microsperma
Origin: Indonesia (Java)

Description: A medium- to large-size deciduous tree. The tree is generally erect, having dark brown to greyish bark, and a spreading crown.  Multiple stems are common, as are slightly buttressed trunks in older trees.  The leaves are bipinnate. The alternate leaflets, are oval-oblong with an asymmetric base and a blunt apex.The leaves yellow with age.  Flowers are borne in narrow spike-like racemes, at branch ends.  They are small, creamy-yellow in colour, and fragrant. The leathery pods curve and twist upon on dehiscence.

Economic Importance:

  • Wood is insect resistant and decay resistant. It is therefore used for house- building, use in furniture, bridges etc.
  • •The seeds are attractive and are used for ornamental purposes such as for making beads in jewellery and rosaries. Seeds were also used in ancient India for weighing gold. Seeds are similar in weight. Four seeds make up about one gramme.
  • Wood is also employed for making cabinets. Also used as firewood because it burns well. Red dye is obtained from the wood.
  • The ground seeds can produce an oil which was used as an industrial lubricant.
  • Trees are also planted for shade in coffee plantations
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