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Economic Importance of Acer oblongum

  1. Kingdom: Plantae

    Acer oblongum-Leaves
    Acer oblongum-Leaves
  2. Order: Sapindales
  3. Family: Sapindaceae
  4. Genus: Acer
  5. Species: A. oblongum
  6. Common name:  Himalayan maple, mangoi
  7.  Origin:  India

Description: A middle sized tree, leaves oblong or ovate-lanceolate   Flowers pentamerous   terminal or leaf bearing lateral corymbose,  panicles pedicel and calyx hairy .

Economic Importance:

  • Fine texture wood which is soft and moderate. Used for minor construction purposes, and for making plywood, boxes and planks. Sometimes also used for making ladles, drinking cups and agricultural implements.
  • Suitable for making commercial and moisture proof plywood, gun and rifle parts, and furniture.
  • The timber is durable under cover but not when left in the open.


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