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Economic importance Lagerstroemia spp.


Lagerstroemia spp
Lagerstroemia spp

Botanical name:

  1. L. indica Linn.
  2. L. speciosa Pers.
  3. L. tomentosa Presl.

Family:  Lythraceae

Description:  Small to medium  sized deciduous tree.  Leaves   opposite, narrowly elliptic, young leaves pubescent beneath, mature  leaves glabrous on both sides.  Flowers white, fragrant in terminal panicles, calyx tube copular, capsules ovoid, each filled with 20- 30 seeds.

Economic Importance:

  • The timber is used for building construction as posts, beams, rafters, etc. Locally used for agricultural implements, carts, furnitures, oars, canoes and cooperage. It is suitable for boxes, tool- handles, picker arms, golf-stick shafts, bent wood furniture etc. Selected timber with short wavy grain can make decorative furniture. It is found suitable for making plywood of various grades meeting the general requirements of general purpose plywood, preservative treated plywood, fire retardant plywood, concrete shuttering plywood and marine plywood.
  • It is good for charcoal and fuel wood.
  • Bark and leaves contain of tannin which is used for making skins.
  • Tree is lopped for fodder. Tusser silkworms are also fed on the tree.


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