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Economic Importance of Toona spp.

1. Botanical name;

Toona Spp
Toona Spp
  • T. ciliata
  • T. serrata

2. Family:  Meliaceae
3. Origin:  India

Description: Large deciduous tree, with a spreading crown.  Leaves  long, usually imparipinnate: leaflets opposite or alternate, lanceolate, entire or wavy, acuminate, base oblique. Flowers honey scented, small, yellowish white, appear in drooping, terminal panicles. Fruit is a dark brown oblong capsule. Seeds are pale brown, small, winged at both ends.

Economic Importance:

  • The timber is suitable for grade 1 commercial -plywood and grade 1 moisture –proof plywood. It is also accepted as suitable for tea-chest plywood. It is suitable for making match boxes but is unsuitable for splints on account of its reddish colour. It is also used for making low grade pencils. Toon is also one of the woods suitable for making racquets.
  • Toon is also used for making furniture, house construction, floors, boarding, panels of doors and windows and also for making boats, oars, carvings, musical instruments, masts etc.
  • A red colouring matter is obtained from the flowers known as “gunar” which is used as a dye for woollen and cotton fibres with mordants; with safflower and turmeric, it produces sulphur-yellow colour. Bark is bitter, astringent, antiperiodic and used for infant dysentery.

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