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Economic importance of Delonix regia

Delonix regia_Flowers
Delonix regia_Flowers

Family: Fabaceae
Genus: Delonix
Species: D. regia
Common name: Gulmohar
Origin: Madagascar

Description: Moderate sized fast growing, deciduous tree and light feathery foliage.  Leaves bipinnate, at base of leaflet two stipules occur. Flowers appear in corymbs along and at the ends of branches. Pods are green and flaccid when young and turn dark-brown and woody.

Economic Importance:

  • The wood is employed locally for agricultural implements; handles for carpentry tools, combs etc. Principle use is as fuel, the calorific value of wood being 4600 kcal/kg.
  • The tree is mainly valued for its seeds , leaves, shade and ornamental value.

    Delonix regia_Tree
    Delonix regia_Tree
  • The seeds yield 18 to 27.5 % fatty oil known as the “ pangam” or “karanga” oil of commerce. Its main use is in tanning industry. The oil and its “karjan” possess insecticidal and anti- bacterial properties. The oil also finds use in soap- making, illuminating and pharmaceutical preparations. The oil cake is good fertiliser. The seed cake can also be used in poultry ration to substitute black “til” component of ration.
  • The seed is carminative, purifies and enriches the blood and is used in cases of inflammation, “ear ache” and chest complaint.
  • The tree is mainly grown for its shade and ornamental value. Because of its hardy nature and aggressive root system , it is a good tree to control soil erosion in the arid and semi- arid areas.
  • It is host for lac- insect also.

Image Credit: KenWalker, Wikipedia

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