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Economic importance of Schima wallichi

Schima wallichi
Schima wallichi

Kingdom: Plantae
Order: Ericales
Family: Theaceae
Genus:  Schima
Species: Schima wallichi
Common name: Needle wood, Chialuni
Origin: India

Description: Leaves oblong, lanceolate, elliptic- oblong or ovate to obovate, cuneate to round at base, acute to short acuminate at apex. Flowers white, fragrant, narrowly oblong, retuse. 

Economic Importance:

  • Wood used for building purposes, bridges, planking canoes, agricultural implements, fancy articles, pit and mine- props, and veneers.
  • Also suitable for tea chest plywood, rice mortars, and matches and paper pulp.
  • Bark used for dyeing and processing of skins.
  • Bark and leaves contain tannin.


Image credit: By Mr. Puskar Pande at FRI, Dehradun campus.

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