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Economic Importance of Trewia nudiflora

Trewia nudiflora
Trewia nudiflora

Kingdom: Plantae
Order: Malpighiales
Family: Euphorbiaceae
Genus: Trewia
Species: Trewia nudiflora
Common name: Gutel, khamara
Origin: India


Description: It is a small to large sized deciduous tree with spreading branches. Leaves opposite, long petioled, broadly ovate, cordate or rounded base, acuminate, female flowers on long peduncles, styles yellow. Fruit is a globose berry.


Economic Importance:

  • The wood is even textured. It is classed as a very weak and soft timber. It is a straight- grained timber with medium fine- texture.
  • It is used for making drums, cheap planking and suitable for match splints, tea chests and packing cases.
  • It is also used for agricultural implements, dug- outs, yokes, slate, and picture frames, carved images, and toys. Fruits are edible, seeds yield fatty oil.
  • Poultice of roots applied in gout and rheumatism.


Image: By Puskar Pande, FRI Dehradun

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