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Fireworks forbidden in Galapagos

Galapagos Islands well known for their varied wildlife species which includes the finches, marine iguanas have banned fireworks as a step towards protection of their rare wildlife. It was in the year 2017 that this initiative kicked off. As per BBC report, this newly approved ban forbids people from bringing, selling, using fireworks on these famous islands. However, the silent fireworks, the ones with only light and no sound are exempt from this ban.

Galápagos Islands, Image credit:

It is notable that Charles Darwin’s observations and study of the animals on these islands during his visit to these islands have played a major role in forming the theory of evolution. Even today several tourists visit these islands and tourism is a primary industry representing 53% of their economy according to Galapagos Conservancy.

It is well known that fireworks scare the pets and livestock. Their sounds and light not only disturb the animals but also disorient them. In the Behavioral Ecology journal, it was documented that as a result of the New Year Eve fireworks birds all together fled from Netherlands in the year 2011.

Fireworks also cause a lot of detrimental physical effects. They cause the animals to scramble around, lose the way to the young ones in their nests and thereby leaving them to die. Fireworks can also spark a fire leading to damage of the local environment.

According to the authorities, in addition to wildlife concerns, there are safety issues for those operating the fireworks. For example in the US alone in the year 2017, 12900 cases related to firework emergency were recorded.

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