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Five reasons why you should switch to green coffee

For most of us, our morning cup of coffee is a sacrosanct ritual and without it, we wouldn’t probably be able to function properly throughout the day. Be it a rainy evening, a winter afternoon or a bad day at the office, there are a few things that a cup of coffee cannot fix.

Coffee beans
Coffee beans

While caffeine might be the answer to many problems, it does have its share of drawbacks. Chief among them is the effect on one’s health. Excessive consumption of caffeine fix is known to cause digestive problems, increase anxiety levels, hypertension, and muscle breakdown among other health problems. The information might be discouraging, but it doesn’t mean that you will have to give up coffee completely. There are alternatives like green coffee which you can switch to get the benefits and taste of coffee without making your health suffer. 

The regular coffee that you consume doesn’t occur so naturally. It undergoes a long process of drying, roasting, and grinding before it is ready for consumption. Coffee beans are seeds of a fruit called coffee cherry. The plant from which this fruit is plucked is called coffea. These beans start out green and they are plucked and dried. Next, they are then roasted at a high temperature, which releases the quintessential aroma and flavour of the coffee. Lastly, they are then ground and packaged. The two most popular coffee beans in the world are Coffea robusta and Coffea arabica

Green coffee is basically unroasted Arabica beans. Rich in antioxidants, green coffee helps in reducing the effects of harmful radicals in our body. Dubbed as one of the new superfoods and espoused by several celebrities, green coffee is a great way of consuming coffee without ignoring your health. In regular coffee, the coffee beans lose out most of the natural chlorogenic acid during roasting. This naturally occurring element is replete with antioxidants and several other nutrients.

Worldwide, several restaurant chains and cafes have added green coffee to their menus in the wake of the rising demand. Countries like Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos, and India have been leading in the production of green coffee. 

If you are looking for reasons to switch to green coffee, here are five compelling ones:

Good for metabolism: The chlorogenic acid present in green coffee is good for metabolism and hence its regular consumption can boost your metabolism. With an increased basic metabolic rate (BMR), the glucose released from the liver into the bloodstream is also reduced. As a result, the body uses the fat stored in fat cells to provide the required amount of glucose, thereby leading to weight loss. In addition, green coffee acts as a natural appetite suppressant and helps one overcome overeating by controlling cravings.

Boosts blood circulation: Good blood circulation is important so that your cells get ample oxygen and so that toxins are removed from your body. Improved blood circulation is among the several health benefits associated with the consumption of green coffee. Poor blood circulation or blockages in veins can lead to fatigue and leathery, thereby affecting your metabolism. As you might know, lower metabolism can slow down your weight loss journey. To avoid these challenges, try including green coffee in your daily diet.

Lowers absorption of sugar: Green coffee has been found to be beneficial for those struggling with diabetes. It reduces the amount of sugar absorbed by your blood. This implies that a lesser amount of sugar will be available to the body for storing as fat. Consequently, you will end up losing weight faster. 

Has anti-aging properties: The antioxidants present in green coffee can help you offset the effect of aging skin and help you smoothen wrinkles and fine lines. Plus, it’s also rich in chlorogenic which is great for your skin. Its properties have also been found to be helpful in treating acne-prone skin. Not only this, if taken regularly green coffee can work wonders for your hair. The reason why it is great for skin is that it reduces transepidermal water loss and maintains the pH level of the skin.

Hypertension: Struggling with high blood pressure? Have some green coffee. This healthy beverage is known to help people trying to control their blood pressure. In a 2006 Japanese study, experts claimed that 140mg of green coffee consumed every day for 12 weeks can lower high blood pressure levels. 

The best time to drink green coffee would be after meals. Your blood sugar levels generally spike after a meal due to the consumption of proteins and carbohydrates. Green coffee would help in controlling it. Many people are dissuaded from embracing the benefits of green coffee because they think it does not taste the same as their regular coffee. As green coffee is consumed without milk, it does taste different. It is an acquired taste and is similar to that of herbal tea. However, its health benefits more than makeup for any adjustments you might have to make with its taste.

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