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Why should you opt for eco-friendly dog food?

Dogs are often called a man’s best friend. Their loyalty and fun company are worth whatever little effort one might have to make in living with them. For many of us, it was our pet dogs who were there for us when friends and family were not. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to describe these four-legged creatures as a part of our family.


Given the value many people attach to their dogs in their lives, it is not uncommon to find them worried about their pet’s diet. If you visit any grocery or pet store, you would find shelves lined with a wide array of brands of dog food. The claims of these brands notwithstanding, what’s inside the packaging might not always be worth the price.

You might have come across pet dog owners who fret over finding the right kind of food for their furry friends. In the wake of the emotional bond they share with these animals, one can understand the concern. Moreover, the overload of information available online along with overzealous advertisements can mislead many.

At the same time, it is important for you to understand what kind of food your dog needs. It is not necessary that every type of product available in the market might suit your pet’s body. Like humans, dogs too undergo various physical and behavioural changes. Meeting up with a veterinarian and understanding why the right nutrients are important for your dog is a step in the right direction.

What many of us don’t know is that there are several brands of dog food which are not very environment-friendly. According to a study conducted in 2017 by George Orkin, over 163 million dogs and cats in the US consume meat and contribute up to 30% of the environmental impact, in terms of usage of fossil fuels, water, biocides, land, and phosphate. The environmental impact of consumption of food by these two species is equivalent to the release of 16 tonnes of methane and nitrous oxide, which are greenhouse gases.

As more and more people start owning pets, the consumption of meat by species like dogs and cats only increases. The trend, if allowed to continue unabated, will go on to aggravate the impact on the environment.

The aforementioned reason is just one of the many which should motivate you to adopt a more eco-friendly approach as a dog owner. The human-grade pet food you buy for your dog usually contains meat cuts and other ingredients, which adds to the burden on the global food system. Just because a brand is labelled ‘human-grade’ doesn’t mean that it will ensure the right kind of nutrition for your dog. What ultimately matters is the balance of nutrients.

If you are ready to try the new approach, one of the easiest ways to do this is to buy or make your own eco-friendly dog food. You can start by carefully reading the packaging of premium dog food brands to see how sustainable their raw materials are. There are several upcoming brands which are going the sustainable way as far as dog food goes.

If you cannot find an eco-friendly dog food brand in a store, you can always make some on your own. For instance, insects with their high nutritional value can be a sustainable source of food for canines. They can also be reared on organic waste. The concept of feeding dogs kibble might be new, but it is slowly gaining traction.

Here’s a list of a few organic dog food brands:

Newman’s Own Organics

What’s great about this brand is that their range of wet and dry food is produced without any genetically modified organisms (GMO). Also, 70% of the ingredients used in the products are organic which implies that they are free of any pesticides or herbicides. The all-natural ingredients include organic brown rice and probiotics.

The Honest Kitchen

This US-based brand is gaining popularity with its focus on the use of dehydrated whole foods. With a promise of no preservatives, GMOs, soy, corn, additives and by-products, the sustainable range of products will be great not only for your pet’s gut but also for the ecosystem.


Another American brand, its product line comes with a certification from the US Food and Drug Administration. With the goodness of free-range chicken and turkey for protein, ORGANIX products reportedly do not contain artificial preservatives and pesticides or even any allergens like soy or wheat.

Lily’s Kitchen

The company is known for introducing a range which is made using fresh and sustainable ingredients, without using any chemicals or fillers. Lilly’s Kitchen’s dry food range includes formulas containing nutrients for joint care, making it a great product for older dogs. And if you are mulling vegetarian options for your dog, there is their Veggie Feast option, which contains cheese and eggs.

Opting for eco-friendly dog food is akin to making a conscious choice for the environment. It goes on to guarantee you and your dog a longer life and a healthier future.

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