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How EasyMile is coursing smoothly roads worldwide with its autonomous solutions

EasyMile is one of the few companies which has made a mark for itself at the back of some state-of-the-art driverless solutions. Right from an autonomously driven shuttle service to elf-driven tow trucks to customized solutions, there is something for everyone.

EasyMile driverless bus
EasyMile driverless bus

Here’s a look at some of the products launched by EasyMile:

EZ10 Passenger Shuttle: EasyMile’s autonomous shuttle service is a great fit for employers needing to ferry their staff regularly. The shuttle is available in a fleet and can be customized for a wide range of uses. The service comes with end-to-end support, right from the deployment of the shuttle to customer support. EasyMile’s EZ10 Passenger Shuttle is used by offices, colleges, universities, hospitals and parks across the world.

These shuttles ply safely in any kind of traffic, be it among motorists or pedestrians or even a mix of the two. Moreover, a change in weather conditions like rain or snow doesn’t affect the operations or safety of these vehicles. These shuttles can be autonomously operated between temperatures of -15 degrees celsius and 45 degrees Celsius. The EZ10s run at Level 4 of autonomous technology and can be driven around without any manual supervision.

A completely remote supervision in specified design domains ensures the risk-free nature of operations. It has been designed to carry 15 passengers. It can follow predetermined routes or work on-demand via an app on your phone. It can detect and avoid obstacles efficiently, all thanks to its full set of sensors. The passengers can fit their seat belts easily. There is also an inbuilt automated wheelchair ramp to ease movement for persons with disabilities. EasyMile’s deployments include sessions with first-responders like police, firefighters and medical professionals. These driverless shuttles are operating after securing all required regulatory approvals.

TractEasy Autonomous Tow Tractor: These self-driven two tractors ensure that materials are handled autonomously in outdoor and indoor logistical operations. TractEasy tractors offer a twin advantage of more safety and flexibility in operations and, lower costs. Normally, intralogistics processes involve heavy use of manual labour. However, with autonomous technology, such operations can be simplified with solutions like TractEasy tow tractors. Moreover, these tractors are safer as well because they reduce the risk employees are exposed to during day-to-day operations. Plus, they are instrumental in reducing costs incurred on training and fixing damages.

Apart from increased productivity and flexibility, employers can easily track goods with the help of these self-driven trucks. These vehicles are quite versatile in their use. From transporting parts of an aircraft to the painting hall to ferrying components of a car to a warehouse for assembly or to simply supply packages to buildings, these trucks can be useful for a variety of jobs. They can be operated up to 24 hours a day.

What makes TractEasy tow trucks a hassle-free solution is EasyMile’s fleet management system. Called ‘EZFleet’, the system’s design makes it easily accessible and is custom-made to be integrated into third-party systems like warehouse management systems via APIs. TractEasy tow trucks mark a new generation of AGVs that can turnaround the intralogistics sector by way of cutting down costs, boosting productivity and, flexibility while guaranteeing more safety.

Customized Vehicle Solutions: The firm has a customer-focused management system that offers customized autonomous solutions too. The firm has also entered into technical partnerships, which means that its clients benefit from the knowledge exchange and innovation. EasyMile collaborates with blue-chip partners, other clients from original equipment manufacturers and, software and hardware suppliers.

Its incubator team implements the knowledge thus acquired to new platforms. The team starts with an idea and builds a customized solution that addresses a practical need. Its diverse range of solutions serves customers and helps in developing long-term partnerships. EasyMile is a part of several international panels, organizations, and consortiums which work on the development of autonomous vehicles and related infrastructure.

One of them is France’s Experimentation du Vehicule Routier Autonome (EVRA). The firm supports France’s strategy to develop self-driven vehicles and its contribution accelerates the development of the mode of transport. It is also a part of the global consortium Safety and Acceptability of Autonomous Mobility and Driving (SAM). Other members of this consortium include Alstom, Renault, Transdev, RATP and Keolis. EasyMile offers advice to the panel on issues related to certification, regulation and approval. The organization aims to establish common standards both nationally and internationally and tooled methodologies.

The cutting-edge technology used by EasyMile makes it a leader in the autonomous vehicle segment. The company’s vehicle-agnostic software makes it a suitable partner for original equipment manufacturers. Being a fabless company, EasyMile develops driverless solutions to tackle identified cases and then implements its core technology. It uses computer vision, vehicle dynamics and robotics to scalable methodologies while integrating simulation scenarios.

The company’s zero-collision record reflects its commitment to safety. With more than 300 deployments across the world, EasyMile’s autonomous vehicles have driven over 600,000 miles. The feat was achieved with the help of a team of dedicated engineers and project managers. Another USP of the company’s operations is its commitment to cybersecurity. EasyMile has set up various security gates, which ensure the integrity of its systems. Its cybersecurity processes have been audited by several international organisations.

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