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How Erider is carving a niche for itself with its range of electric vehicles

With Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s pitching for indigenous brands in various sectors, there has been a renewed focus on ‘Made in India’ brands and companies. These native brands have made a mark for themselves in various sectors including electric vehicles. Climate change and rising air pollution levels have boosted the popularity of electric vehicles as people look for ecological options for urban commuting.

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One of the Indian brands which have carved a niche for itself in the electric vehicle sector is Eride. This Telangana-based company has been gaining traction at the back of its customized and innovative three and four-wheel cargo riders. What sets them apart is the constant up-gradation in terms of technological advancement. With these vehicles, one does not have to worry about exhaust fumes that contribute to air pollution. Over the next few years, Eride is planning to foray into manufacturing electric two-wheelers and charging stations.

The company is based out of Hyderabad and was founded by Devender Reddy, who is also its chief executive officer. A sales professional with more than 20 years of experience, he is also a passionate environmentalist, which goaded him into establishing a firm in this sector.

One of the USPs of Eride vehicles is that they are not harmful to the environment as they do not emit any toxic fumes. The electric rickshaws manufactured by the firm do not require a lot of maintenance and are not costly to operate. These battery-operated auto-rickshaws are not only more affordable than those running on fuels but are also cheaper in upkeep. The cost of operating them is less than 40 paisa per kilometer.

Eride’s e-rickshaws and e-loaders offer their owners a better return on investment by way of more savings and an improved riding experience not only for the driver but also for the passenger. Easy to drive, these vehicles serve the purpose of offering last-mile connectivity and make up for efficient cargo delivery vehicles.

Here’s a list of the various electric vehicles manufactured by Eride:

  • E-rickshaws: Eride manufactures two types of e-rickshaws — open and closed. Available in seven colors, these vehicles do not have an engine or a gearbox. They instead use a 900W/ 48V motor and run on a battery, which makes them low maintenance. With this e-rickshaw, you don’t have to worry about any hikes in fuel prices and thereby increase their savings. They come with a non-breakable ABS roof and offer a speed of 25 kilometers per hour. There is also a toughened heavy front glass, while its chassis is made of anti-rust steel. You can charge it with a 15AMP charger. It has an attractive leg guard to protect the driver and a heavy curtain. Weighing around 260 kilograms, this e-rickshaw has a center lock to protect the vehicle from theft.
  • Electric loader vehicles: These vehicles are very efficient and durable. Running on a battery, these heavy vehicles are an eco-friendly means of transport. They can carry cargo packages weighing up to 550kg. The electrical and mechanical components of these vehicles come with a one-year warranty. They run on a 900W/48V motor and offer a top speed of 25 kilometre per hour. It comes with an unbreakable ABS roof and a 15-milimetre heavy axle. The chassis is made of anti-rust steel and there is also a leg guard for the benefit of the driver. The manufactures have attached a black/yellow colour curtain with these loader vehicles. Weighing around 260 kilogram, the vehicles come with an optional hydraulic jack. You don’t have to worry about the vehicle getting stolen as it comes with a centre lock.
  • Garbage collection trucks: The USP of these trucks is that they can easily move around small lanes to pick up trash. They have undergone various tests and have been permitted to ply with a cargo load of up to 600 kilogram. They are not only just eco-friendly but are cost-effective too as the cost of operating them is around 40 paise per kilometre. These vehicles are powered by a 900W/48V motor and can be revved up to a speed of 20 kilometres per hour. They have a 15AMP charger and an anti-rusting steel chassis. Plus, they too come with a black/yellow curtain and are available in seven colours. They weigh around 260 kilograms, but do not have a hydraulic jack option. They have a 15-milimetre heavy front axle and a centre lock to keep thieves away.
  • Electric food trucks: These vehicles are the perfect fit for small food vendors looking to run cost-effective businesses out of a van. The vehicle’s tires are made of solid rubber and they have a capacity of carrying up to 500 kilograms. Their surface is coated with colorful paint to give it a smooth finish. Moreover, one can choose from seven color variants. Their small size enables vendors to move around with these trucks even in narrow lanes and deliver food in a timely manner.

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