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Bajaj Qute to be Launched as an Electric Vehicle

The Bajaj RE is the most efficient and reliable 3-wheeler brand in India. More than 58 million passengers currently travel in a Bajaj RE automobile throughout the world daily. Bajaj RE is marketed in over 25 countries throughout the world. In India, Bajaj Auto sells its intra-city goods under two brands — Bajaj RE and Bajaj Maxima. It’s been the tried and reliable company for over 50 decades and is famous for providing a livelihood to a large number of motorists, fleet owners, mechanics and traders alike.

Bajaj Qute
Bajaj Qute

In 2010, Bajaj Auto entered into collaboration with Renault and Nissan Motor to develop a USA $2,500 automobile, aiming in a fuel-efficiency of 30 km per litre, and carbon dioxide emissions of 100 g/km.

Bajaj Auto first introduced the Bajaj Qute as the RE60 on 3rd January 2012, in the 2012 Automobile Expo at Delhi. Bajaj Auto was best known for scooters and three-wheel auto-rickshaws and is considered as India’s second-largest two-wheeled vehicle manufacturer and also is a world leader in three-wheeled automobiles. The Qute is Bajaj’s initial foray to the four-wheel sector. At its unveiling, the Business declared that the automobile had a higher fuel efficiency of 35 km/l and reduced carbon dioxide emissions.

The Qute is now being prepared to be launched in an electric version.


Given the model adopts LHD setup, it’s possible that, such as the petrol-powered Qute, the electrical version would release in global markets first before coming into India. As of this moment, the very small four-wheeler’s major markets are in Turkey and Russia but when the electrical version is prepared, we can expect Bajaj expanding into developed markets such as Europe.

With many European metros intending on restricting fossil-fueled vehicles from getting into the town centres, quadricycles such as the Bajaj Qute would gain greater focus. The compact footprint, zero emissions, and two-row of chairs would create the Qute EV perfect for major European cities in which parking spaces are really scarce.

Qute is a four-wheeler, however not a vehicle. It comes under a completely different class — the quadricycle. It’s a new-age automobile that conveys the features of a three-wheeler in addition to those of a vehicle. It’s lightweight, compact, and contains a carbon footprint that’s 37% lower than the smallest car available. Just like a car, it’s spacious and has an enclosed body arrangement, providing the driver and passengers a comfortable and secure ride. In addition, it has sufficient space for bags and runs in an optimal restricted city rate, which offers security for everybody.

Bajaj Qute, originally called the RE60, matches the European Standards and Guidelines of Quadricycle for design and quality. Its high-end technology allows it to operate at a limited speed of 70kmph whilst using gasoline as few as 1 liter for 36 km.

Having a patented fuel-injected Digital Tri-spark ignition engine which provides C02 emissions of only 66gms/km & mileage of 36kmpl, the Quote is perhaps the greenest & leanest 4-wheeler any place in the world and possibly the safest also.

Technical Specifications:

The pure electrical version of this Bajaj Qute quadricycle was seen testing once more. Unlike last time, even once the back was spied, this time the front was also spotted, thanks to automotive enthusiast Siddharth Patil. The first spy shots revealed the automobile carried ‘Qcar’ badge rather than the Qute labelling.

With the electrical car revolution taking around the globe for outstanding speed, the Qute EV comes as a surprise. Following a long and tough legal battle, Bajaj won the approval to advertise the Qute in India but export operations could stay crucial for its urban runabout’s commercial success.

Qute is a motorized quadricycle characterized by weight, strength, and speed? It weighs less than 450kgs, which is, 37% lighter than the smallest vehicle on the marketplace. Being light in weight makes it an energy-efficient car or truck. Quotation sits to a water-cooled Digital Tri-Spark ignition 4-valve engine along with also a closed-loop fuel injection system. This assists it in providing high performance in control and power. Having a very small turning radius of 3.5m, Qute is outfitted to take the turns and twists of urban streets easily. The automobile has a dashboard-mounted shift lever, and this provides very low immunity and can also be conveniently situated.

To make sure that the Qute is secure for passengers as far because it’s suitable to push around, a great deal of attention is placed on its security aspect. Its body is constructed from high strength steel which gives Qute its structural integrity and complex design:

• The engine is 216.6cc (CNG and LPG variants available)

• Peak Power is 13.2 PS

• Max Speed of it is 70 Kmph

• Transmission: Sequential gear shift like motorcycles (5 Forward Gear and 1 Rear Gear)


• Length : 2752 mm

• Width : 1312 mm

• Height : 1652 mm

• Wheel Base : 1925 mm

• Wheel Track : 1143 mm

• Turning Circle Radius : 3.5 m

Specifications Petrol v/s EV (Experts Guess) Petrol EV
Price 2.78 Lakh 4 Lakh Approx
Max Power 13hp@5500rpm 10.8hp@5500rpm
Max Torque 18.9 Nm@4000rpm 16.1 Nm@4000rpm
Mileage 35 kmpl 120 to 130 KM in one charge
Fuel Capacity 35 Liters 8 Liters 35 Liters 8 Liters

The technical specifications of this Bajaj Qute EV continue to be under wraps, however, we anticipate the company to localize the electrical power train in an effort to obtain the Indian administration’s FAME-II subsidy from the domestic industry. We anticipate the electrical motor to be rear-mounted and backed with a lithium-ion battery package. The best speed is very likely to be limited to 70 kmph to obey the quadricycle criteria.

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