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Wind Power Producers seek government action in light of forecast order

Wind turbineThe wind power producers have asked the government to first resolve grid stability issue in the country before they can comply with the wind forecast order.

The Central Electricity Regulatory Authority (CERC) had asked the wind power producers to give day-ahead forecast for power generation.

As per the rule, wind power generators have to forecast their generation of the next day, every 15 minute with provision for penalties if the actual generation is 30 per cent more or less over the submitted forecast. The rule is applicable only for wind turbines installed after May 2010.

The Wind Independent Power Producers Association had moved the Delhi High court against the CERC (Central Electricity Regulatory Commission) over the forecasting order.

While government officials feel that the order was implemented only after delays giving sufficient time to the industry to prepare for it, industry insiders feel that the order will wipe out profits from the industry.

Forecasting of wind generation helps to stabilize the grid.

Wind farms of 10 megawatts or more will predict their generation for the following day every 15 minutes. Missing estimates by more than 30 percent will incur penalties.

The government has also removed wind power producers from availing two fiscal benefits. Under the scheme, investors enjoyed benefit of upto 80 per cent of the project cost for devices like wind mills and solar cookers. An investor availing AD (Accelerated depreciation benefits) was not allowed incentive under the GBI scheme. Under GBI (Generation-based incentives), an incentive of 50 paise is provided for every unit of electricity generated.

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