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Introducing the World’s First LiFi Lamp: MyLiFi®

Las Vegas, United States

Oledcomm, the global leader in LiFi solutions, is proud to announce a world exclusive during CES 2018 in Las Vegas: MyLiFi®, the world’s very first LiFi connected object available to the general public, along with its professional version, MyLiFi Pro®, distributed in North America by Global LiFi Tech as per information available from v2com.

A double award winner at the CES Innovation Awards 2018 in the Tech for a better world and Smart Cities categories, MyLiFi® is an LED lamp with a contemporary design by Pierre Garner of eliumstudio. The lamp reinvents the broadband Internet connection with strong security and no harmful electromagnetic waves.

“This new form of networking revolutionizes Internet access, delivers unprecedented professional-grade privacy, and wireless networking without electromagnetic waves, a feature of particular interest to the healthcare and office sectors,” said Global LiFi Tech CEO Hacène Tedjini.

Materializing the non-material

“MyLiFi® is next-generation lighting that goes beyond the visible spectrum by providing easy, secure Internet connectivity. We wanted to materialize the non-material with this ‘smart’ light. To achieve that, we’ve created a simple, pure object that makes technology disappear in favour of comfort and usability,” says industrial designer and eliumstudio partner Pierre Garner.

The flexible MyLiFi® lamp can be positioned to meet the user’s needs. Mobile and web-based apps provide control over brightness and colour temperature ranging from warm white (2200K) to daylight (6500K), allowing users to create their preferred ambiance.

Made of aluminum—a quality lightweight material—lacquered in pristine white, MyLiFi® reveals its playful side with a colourful primary-colour cord in blue, red or yellow. Other variants and options are available with MyLiFi Pro® for custom commercial or institutional projects.

Photo credit: eliumstudio via v2com

A highly secure Internet connection

MyLiFi Pro®, for the commercial market, offers unique features for optimal use in professional environments such as offices, stores, hotels, hospitals, museums, airports and more. These settings have had to contend with a serious issue: weak WiFi data security. LiFi changes everything.

MyLiFi Pro® enables highly secure access control, not only through passwords but through encrypted data transmission between the lamp and the user’s device, protecting data security and confidentiality. Thanks to the LiFi dongle, a type of USB key, all devices, including computers, tablets and smartphones, can connect to the network instantly.

The web and mobile app allows users to program and manage connectivity and lighting needs individually or in groups. Privileges can be set for groups of lamps, specific lamps or individual users.

MyLiFi Pro®, winner of two CES Innovation Awards 2018, Tech for a better world and Smart Cities, will contribute to the rise of smart cities by improving the technology used in tertiary buildings.

The LiFi revolution

LiFi — “Light Fidelity”—technology, invented in 2005 by Suat Topsu, president of Oledcomm, is a new technology that enables wireless connections between mobile devices and other networked devices using LED lights to carry data. More specifically, LiFi provides data transmission by imperceptibly modulating the light emitted by an LED light. The resulting data connection is ultra-fast, secure and free of harmful electromagnetic emissions. Light signals are received and converted into data by a LiFi dongle connected to the mobile device.

“Just as clean energy is displacing fossil fuels and driving environmentally responsible innovation, light is displacing radio frequencies to provide clean, responsible connectivity. MyLiFi® marks the beginning of a new era in networking,” said Oledcomm CEO Benjamin Azoulay.

Photo credit: eliumstudio via v2com

Technical specifications

Name: MyLiFi® and MyLiFi Pro®

Company: Oledcomm

Design: eliumstudio

Lead designer: Pierre Garner

MyLiFi Pro® North American distributor: Global LiFi Tech

Power consumption: 13 W to 30 W (depending on light intensity)

Upload: 10 MB/s

Download: 13 MB/s

Intensity: up to 650 Lumens

LED useful life: 50,000 hours

Colour temperature: 2200K to 6500K


   Head and base diameter = 20 cm

   Lamp depth = 64 cm

   Maximum elbow height = 53 cm

Weight: 6.5 kg

Power Over Ethernet

Warranty: 2 years parts and labour

Availability: pre-order from January 2018

Expected delivery: spring 2018

Launching price:

MyLiFi starting from CAD/US $840

MyLiFi Pro starting from CAD/US $1650

For all MyLiFi Pro® questions and orders, contact Global LiFi Tech: info[at]

About eliumstudio

Founded in 2002 by designers Elise Berthier, Marc Berthier, Pierre Garner and Frédéric Lintz, joined later by Anne Klepper, Thibaut Barbedette, Arthur Richard and Thomas Droze, eliumstudio applies signature design to the industrial sphere, merging mastery of new technologies and the quest for lightness.

eliumstudio’s design work knows no limits: the studio uses all kinds of instruments, sciences and techniques, for industrial or artisan production. Its work ranges from household equipment to personal accessories, networked devices to interior architecture, scenic design to urban planning.

The firm is committed to a studio approach rather than the agency model. Its organizational structure is focused on creativity, innovation and the future, with an expansive vision that embraces the evolution of the object’s uses in the digital age.

About Pierre Garner

After studying electronics, Pierre Garner graduated from ENSCI— les ateliers in 1995. He then worked with Marc Berthier on a variety of projects in architecture and industrial design, while taking charge of design for an SME specializing in spatial organization.

In 2002, he partnered with Marc Berthier, Frédéric Lintz and Elise Berthier to open eliumstudio, a product design studio focused on industrial design and innovation. He is the firm’s president.

The firm works with numerous French and international partners, from large retailers to luxury brands, from industry to publishing. In recent years, new technologies related to the Internet of Things have been an integral part of eliumstudio’s collaborative work with innovative companies.

About Global LiFi Tech

Global Lifi Tech is a Canadian company founded in Montreal in 2016. The startup’s mission is to commercialize, promote, develop and install new products using light-based data transmission technology called LiFi. With its strategic partners, Global LiFi Tech is also active in relamping conventional lighting systems with LiFi-equipped LED bulbs. The company offers retailers, museums, hospitals, smart cities and other clients technology and products made by its partner Oledcomm.

About Oledcomm

Founded in 2012 by professor Suat Topsu, co-inventor of LiFi technology, Oledcomm is a French company and the world leader in data transmission using visible-spectrum light (LiFi). Based in Vélizy-Villacoublay, France and Leon, Mexico, Oledcomm designs end-to-end LiFi solutions, including routers, dongles, bridges and software platforms. Shortly after its founding, Oledcomm won an innovation award from France’s research and industry ministry. In 2016, Benjamin Azoulay, an early proponent of smart lighting in the form of the successful Philips Hue, which he launched, joined the company as CEO. Oledcomm’s major partners include EDF, Legrand, Bouygues and Orange.

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