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Naturalist and Camp supervisor Vacancy at Karadi Malai Camp

Job Title: Naturalist and Camp supervisor

Location: Karadi Malai Camp, Chengalpattu, Tamil nadu

Organization’s profile:

Karadi Malai Camp is located on Rom Whitaker and Janaki Lenin’s tree farm near Chengalpattu, 60kms south of Chennai, adjacent to Vallam Reserve Forest. It’s the best remaining Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest around here, boasting over 35 species of mammals (including blackbuck and leopard), over 100 species of birds, 50 species of reptiles and amphibians, and a host of insect and plant life.

Job Description:

The job will entail the following activities (and may include other activities yet to be introduced):

  1. Making sure the place is clean and tidy, food and drinking water is always stocked and available (cook comes every day)
  2. Organizing general hospitality for camp and cottage guests including simple, wholesome meals, clean cottages and bathrooms, advice and local activities with a focus on the natural history of the place. Planning guest activities (including bird walks, forest walks, film shows, power-point presentations, and day trips in the vicinity), making logistical, travel arrangements and escorting guests.
  3. Daily routine includes setting camera-traps at night, inventorying plants and animals on the farm and the forest edge, and updating the Karadi Malai Camp Facebook page with photographs and news items.
  4. Develop and initiate new ideas for enhancing our knowledge and spreading the interest in the natural history of Vallam Tropical Dry Evergreen Reserve Forest, including communicating with the nearby local villages of Thiruvadisulam, Porundabakkam and Pulikudivanam
  5. Develop camp itineraries and run them.

How to apply: If you are interested in this post, please send your CV and a half page ‘statement of interest’ to:  Rom Whitaker, email:

Reference: Karadi Malai Camp. Visit their website here

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