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Praj Industries to set up second generation cellulosic ethanol plant

EthanolPraj Industries has announced setting up of a second generation (2G) Cellulosic ethanol plant for about about Rs 150 crore as per reports.

The plant will be set up at Shirala in Maharashtra’s Sangli district. Company’s Executive Chairman Pramod Chaudhari did the groundbreaking today along with Mansinghrao Naik, Chairman of Viraj Alcohols and Allied Industries Ltd (VAAIL), the company said in a statement.

“The 2G Cellulosic ethanol demo plant will operate on different variety of biomass with a capacity of 100 dry tonnes of biomass per day, which includes agricultural wastes such as corn stover, cobs and bagasse,” It added.

“Praj expects the project cost to be in the range of $25 million (Rs 145-150 crore),” the company said, adding that for this project, Praj will associate with VAAIL, an existing ethanol producer located in Western Maharashtra and a long term client of Praj.

Praj is a global Indian company that offers innovative solutions in bio-ethanol, alcohol, brewery plants, process equipment and water distillation and wastewater treatment systems for customers, worldwide. Praj is a knowledge based company with expertise and experience in Bioprocesses, yeast products and engineering. It has one of the largest resource bases in the industry with over 500 references across all five continents.

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