Krafla geothermal power station

The Rise of Geothermal Energy

We’ve known about geothermal energy and the benefits it can provide for many, many years. But despite all of its advantages, many of the same development challenges have held it back. Geothermal, though, is now on the rise. Countries around the world now have substantial30

River Rafting

June 2018: Monthly Environmental News Roundup

1)  HC ban on water sports in Uttarakhand: If you are planning a vacation to Uttarakhand any time soon, you might want to wait for some time before booking those tickets. Reason: The Uttarakhand high court has ordered a ban on all water sports until30

Fuel cost in Rupees per KWh

How Can Clean Energy Contribute in the Efficient Use of CSR Budget?

The recently passed Companies Bill, 2012 mandates large organizations to spend part of their net profit on activities related to Corporate Social Responsibility. Renewable energy presents an opportunity for organizations to make investments in sustainability that will pay back quickly. Purchase of clean energy or30

India has made its entry into the top 10 clean energy investment

Indian clean energy sector has made its entry into the top 10 clean energy investment list among the G-20 countries. G-20 group solely account for 90% of global clean energy finance and investment in the world. This investment accounts for $ 4 billion in 201030