December 2018: Monthly Environmental News Roundup

1. GEP along with GDP needed says Padma Shri awardee According to botanist turned activist and Padma Shri awardee Dr. Anil Prakash, along with GDP, we would need GEP (Gross Environmental Product) that indicates the health of our ecosystem based on the data collected on forests, water sources, quality of air, soil. He mentioned that…


September 2018: Monthly Environmental News Roundup

Solar Projects: Creating Milestones RUMSL (Rewa Ultra Mega Solar Ltd) a joint venture between Government of India owned SECI and Government of Madhya Pradesh MPUVNL has implemented the 750MW Rewa Solar Project successfully and plans to succeed it with projects double Rewa’s size. This venture will mirror several features of Rewa project, and RUMSL will…


August 2018: Monthly Environmental News Roundup

1.Did you know when lights are turned on, you consume water? Yes, despite the increase in the usage of renewable resources, most of our electricity comes from nuclear or thermal where it is not just the fossil fuels, natural gas, etc that is consumed, a lot of water is also used. Fuel used, the method…


July 2018: Monthly Environmental News Roundup

Important Environmental News From Around the World Equinor-Masdar Offshore Wind Farm Fully Set-Up and Functional The instalment of the world’s first floating wind farm has been completed by Norway’s Equinor in Scotland. Electricity generation had already been initiated at the 30-MW farm in October 2017 to outstanding results. Equinor and its project partner Masdarare had…

River Rafting

June 2018: Monthly Environmental News Roundup

1)  HC ban on water sports in Uttarakhand: If you are planning a vacation to Uttarakhand any time soon, you might want to wait for some time before booking those tickets. Reason: The Uttarakhand high court has ordered a ban on all water sports until the state government formulates a policy to regulate these activities….

Electric Car

June 2018: Monthly Electric Vehicle News Roundup

Italy eyes 1-million electric car target by 2022: Italy, which is reportedly Europe’s most sluggish market for these vehicles, plans to put out to over 1 million electric cars on its roads by 2022. However, analysts are of the view that move might set the company back by $10 million. Apart from the costs, the…


May 2018: Monthly Environmental News Roundup

Important Environmental News From Around the World 1)    New policy to pump up renewable energy generation: Seeking to bring down variability in generation of renewable energy and ensure grid stability, the Union ministry of renewable energy launched the national wind-solar hybrid policy on May 14, which lays down the guidelines for the wind-solar PV hybrid…