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The New foldable e-Bike MATE X

It was their passion for bikes that drove the Julie Kronstorm and Christian Adel Michael, the siblings from Copenhagen to bring out MATE. A fun to ride foldable e-bike which excites one and all to try on, while being affordable was the main goal behind building the bike.

e-Bike MATE X
e-Bike MATE X, Image Credit:

It is not just the brand or the bike that is getting built here, with the growth of the company and its backers grow, a community of encouragement is propagated. All the feedback and inputs are earnestly considered for improvement of the bike’s as well as our performance.

The bottom line is these bikes are made for everyone by everyone. This will always remain the basic intent behind creating the finest MATEs for one and all.

It just takes three simple steps to fold and shrink the volume of MATE X and bring it down to a height of 91 cm and length of 76 cm. Now carrying it anywhere and everywhere on any adventure you go is easier.

Some of the notable features of MATE X include easily adjustable (by a lever flip) saddle and handlebar, fat tires that are puncture resistant, disc brakes, SMART color computer display, comfortable handlebar rotations to support appropriate ergonomic positions, the 48V highly powerful battery of lithium ion, more speed and stronger climbing abilities, in built fuse and handle that can be detachable from the frame. Subject to rider, towing weights, style of riding, speed of the wind and terrain, travel support of 40 to 60 miles is offered by the 48V 14 Ah model (672Wh), which also offers till 30 miles with complete electrical assistance.

WOW feeling is what one experiences across the various MATE X models with considerably increased torque which is a result if the combination of a 750 Wattage powerful motor with a 48 Volt battery and controller.

Shimano eight speed cassette that provides a superior effortless gear shifting has been introduced. The standard option comes with a novel computer display having an LED backlit. For just 99 USD it can be upgraded to attractive SMART color display and at 149 USD, it can also be made pictured display.

The pedals are completely designed newly. These foldable pedals enclosed in a stronger frame provide enhanced power transfer.

Stopping is now not only faster but extra efficient too with the Tektro braking system with calipers and levers upgrade. Further smoother braking option with very less force is also achievable by upgrading to hydraulic braking, at a cost of just 129 USD.


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