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United Utilities Bans Hosepipes in the UK

At this time of year, when the hot weather is beating us with its heat, we all are feeling the lack of rain and high demand for water, which states that our reservoirs are quite lower than it is to be.


Due to all this, a decision has been taken to launch a ban of hosepipe across most of the North West on 5th August. The ban means there won’t be the use of either a hosepipe or sprinkler as they waste a lot of water. Although this ban on hosepipes can prove to be inconvenient, by following a few steps can give a surety of saving water for necessary things like was washing, cooking, and drinking.

The basic constraints of this ban include cleaning a private car, motorbike, van, trailer, leisure boat, caravan using a hosepipe, watering plants or garden using a hosepipe, filling or maintaining a paddling pool, domestic pool or ornamental fountain, cleaning patios or paths from a hosepipe, cleaning walls or windows using a hosepipe, using a water from a hosepipe for domestic use, and cleaning other artificial outdoor surfaces from a hosepipe.

After Thames Water, United Utilities is the second one in the amount of water lost en route to households, the amount has reached 133 litres per property per day, which is quite above the sector’s average of 121 litres. Well, apart from it, there are still some exceptions and the details can be found on the firm’s website such as in Cumbria.

The alarming heat levels in the UK seen this year have demanded an extraordinary step to be taken in this regard. Even, a climate change and global warming sceptic needs to make a rethink in this scenario.

Please try avoiding the use of garden sprinklers and hosepipes to water your gardens or lawns at this time until the ban is enforced as your little step will make a big difference. Try using a watering can and try reusing any water left in your home like water from the bath or washing up bowls, etc.

Update: The ban has been lifted in light of recent cooling and predictions of rainfall. The ban maybe reinforced if there is a second spell of heatwave, the company warned.

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