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Volunteer required for field work in Upper Siang district

Job Title: ‘Volunteer required for field work in Upper Siang district

Location: Upper Siang district

Description: Required a volunteer for one month to collect data on Mikania micrantha (an invasive climber species affecting habitats across India) cover and other biotic and abiotic variables in secondary and mature forest in the Upper Siang district in Arunachal Pradesh. Details regarding the project can also be found here at the Rufford website (

Job Description:

The field work will be based from Bomdo village that is located close to the Mouling National Park within the Dihang Dibang Biosphere Reserve. Volunteer will need to know to collect data using equipment such as soil moisture meter, canopy densiometer and a GPS unit (these can be shown in the field station) and should be able to undertake relatively tiring field work (for a few hours a day) in the undulated landscape in Arunachal Pradesh.

The field work needs to be completed by January – February 2014. Travel fare (upto 3rd ac train fare) will be provided to reach the field station and food and accommodation will be provided at the field station in Bomdo village. Although no funds are available for this, some remuneration can be provided.

A typical day in field would involve about 6 hours of field work to Mikania micrantha-invaded sites and collecting data on soil moisture, Ph, canopy cover, herb, shrub and tree species richness (my field assistant will list the species in the local language) and other variables. There is electricity in the village but no phone network.

How to apply: Please email me at karthik(at)ncf-india(dot)org for more details.

Reference: YETI

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