A map showing the average daily calorie consumption in countries all over the world

Food woes of India and the probable solution

Very often, we fall prey to the premise that only experts can come up with novel solutions. This is not entirely wrong but to some extent too optimistic. Experts can only guide and show the way, the real solution has to come from the political force because the power rests with the political authority. We have seen time and again how provided the right political will, problems that looked unsolvable have now been solved. The World food prize for this40

Generic Drugs- Why is it important?

A generic drug is equivalent to the brand name drug. After a brand name drug is developed after considerable amount of research and after the patent expires, generic drugs can be manufactured and sold to customers at very cheap rates. According to the US FDA, “A generic drug is identical or bioequivalent to a brand name drug in dosage, form, safety, strength, root of administration and intended use.” As we shall see, very often the cost difference is so much40

Is it really a question of Rs. 32/26?

If you follow news, you must surely have listened to or read the poverty line arguments. Defining poverty is a challenge and I don’t think anybody can answer the more pressing question, how to solve India’s poverty problem. At a job interview, I was asked the same question. An American educated in his forties who was interviewing me asked, ‘What solution do you have to solve India’s poverty problem?’ Heck, I don’t know. If I knew the answer to that40