World Environment Day_Beat Plastic

On World Environment Day, Beat Plastic

As countries pace ahead on the economic development front, the concerns about environment conservation are often drowned in the din about globalization. However, warning signs like rising greenhouse emissions, global warming and pollution have brought sustainable development back to focus.  In view of the renewed30

Traditional bamboo mat for water conservation and fishing

Ancient Water Conservation Methods in India

How Traditional Knowledge can Save us from Water Scarcity Water conservation in India is not a new concept. One of the earliest sites of the Indus Valley civilisation, Dholavira in the Gujarat state has well documented storage reservoirs in the form of lakes to collect30

Honey bee

The Buzz About World Bee Day

Experts, scientists, farmers, and enthusiasts got together to observe May 20 as the first World Bee Day. The United Nations declared May 20 as the World Bee Day in 2017 to raise awareness about the importance of pollinators, the threats they face today and their30

Plastic pollution

How Plastic is Entering into our Food Chain

Can you imagine a world without your phone, heavy machines, automobiles and most home appliances? For most of us the answer is no, which is why imagining a world without plastic is nearly impossible. The invention of plastic is credited to Alexander Parkes in London30

Dust storm

India’s Dust Storms Maybe Linked to Climate Change

Sand and dust storms are usually formed when solid strong airlift a lot of sand and dust from uncovered, dry soils into the air.  Sand and dust storms are basic meteorological risks in parched and semi-dry areas. They are generally caused by rainstorms – or30

Pine forest

Earth Day And 10 Easy Ways To Conserve Our Environment

Our precious Earth is the only planet identified till date as being able to sustain life. To equally contribute towards our sole survival input, it is mandatory to protect it with everything we have. Technological advances are the need of this century but should go30

River Ganges, Varanasi

Cleaning the Maily Rivers of India

Rivers are guides to civilizations and in being so have reverent appeal in almost all religious scriptures of India. With the advent of industrialization, natural resources are depleted at more than ever increasing rates, with rivers bearing the brunt of every outlet there is; from30

Protecting The Earth

Earth Overshoot Day

Earth Overshoot Day is a date to establish the day when the demand for earth’s resources exceeds the planets capacity to regenerate. Earth Overshoot Day is hosted and calculated by Global Footprint Network. To determine the date of Earth Overshoot Day for every year, Global30

Mary River turtle

Rockstar Turtle on Endangered List

Mary River turtle (Elusor macrurus) is one of a few types of cloaca-breathing turtles, which inhale submerged utilizing specific organs in their regenerative organs. This enables it to stay submerged for up to 72 hours. The Mary River turtle is a vast freshwater turtle endemic30