Infographic: 41 Insane Facts About Tesla Motors

While small-scale innovators and entrepreneurs continue to work towards the improvement of our everyday life and surroundings, often from a socially and environmentally aware perspective, few of the household name businesses of our era are associated with social benevolence – and those that claim to have great visions for the future of humankind tend to be viewed with suspicion. We are rightly vigilant when we sense our data and our relationships are being vacuumed up and reshaped by big companies40

Electric Cars – Changing future mobility – Part 1

This is a three part series on electric cars. Although, widely popular in earlier centuries, they faded out but are now making a comeback due to the environment friendly nature. Below is a list of the most amazing models of electric cars. 1. BMW i3 The BMW i3 is available at a much higher price but is less than the Tesla but you get excellent quality and the comfort that only BMW can provide. The interior is spacious and acceleration40

Nissan Leaf

Electric Cars – Changing future mobility – Part 2

Continued from Part one 9. Nissan Leaf Nissan leaf is perhaps the most popular of all electric cars out there. It is a five seat car with safety features such as air bags and comes with plenty of space inside. Vital Statistics9   CO2 emission 0 0-60m/h (s) 10.2 Top speed 150 km/h Power 80 KW Charging Time 4 hrs Electric Range 84 miles   10. Ford Focus Electric The ford focus electric provides a good range of 80 miles40