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Electric Cars – Changing future mobility – Part 2

Continued from Part one

Nissan Leaf9. Nissan Leaf

Nissan leaf is perhaps the most popular of all electric cars out there. It is a five seat car with safety features such as air bags and comes with plenty of space inside.

Vital Statistics9


CO2 emission 0 0-60m/h (s) 10.2
Top speed 150 km/h Power 80 KW
Charging Time 4 hrs Electric Range 84 miles


10. Ford Focus Electric

Ford Focus ElectricThe ford focus electric provides a good range of 80 miles and has five door entry. It comes loaded with a host of features such as push button start, heating front seats, navigation, stereo and touch infotainment. However, there is little room for luggage which might be a drawback for some buyers.

Vital Statistics10

CO2 emission 0 0-60m/h (s) 10.2
Top speed 135 km/h Power 80 KW
Charging Time 20-25 miles charge per hr Electric Range 76 miles


11. Mitsubishi i-MiEV

Mitsubishi-i-MiEVThis small, nice looking car disappeared and couldn’t become very popular. Because of the diminutive size, interior space is very limited and very tall individuals might have a problem with this car.

Vital Statistics11

CO2 emission 0 0-60m/h (s) 15-20
Top speed 80 m/h Power 66 hp
Charging Time 7 hrs Electric Range 62 miles


12. Fiat 500e

Fiat 500eThis small car by FIAT was produced in small numbers and is very light, compact and with high efficient engine and a range of 87 miles.

Vital Statistics12

CO2 emission 0 0-60m/h (s) 3.5
Top speed 80 m/h Power 111 hp
Charging Time 4 hrs Electric Range 87 miles



13. Reva e20

Reva e20Yeah, India is always there in everything right from Mission Mars to Mission E cars. Reva e20 is for those who don’t have much money to splurge around but still would like to own an electric car because- well because one shouldn’t always have to purchase an elephant gun in order to kill an ant.

Vital Statistics13 (Model T01 BASE)

CO2 emission 0 0-60m/h (s) 12.4
Top speed 75km/h Power 14.2KW
Charging Time 4 hrs for a full charge Electric Range 80 km








Image credit: Nissan Leaf by JM Rosenfeld, Ford Focus Electric  by Rachel So, Mitsubishi i-MiEV by Comyu , Fiat 500e by Kevin Hutchinson, Reva e20


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