Plastic Pollution

5 Ways Your Plastic Bottle May Be Poisoning You

Plastic is the most popular packaging material in the world due to the convenience it offers. It is undoubtedly a convenient killer that kills slowly. Owing to its chemical composition, it can be easily moulded into a variety of shapes with a broad range of flexibility and leak proof properties. Right from storage containers at home to industrial packaging, plastic is everywhere. As a user, have you taken a closer look at the ways you have been using plastic in40


Phytoremediation- Solution to Contaminated Environment

Agricultural, military and industrial activities since long have contaminated the soil, surface and ground water around the world causing great stress to the ecosystem and the natural resources. It is important to get rid of these toxic chemicals for which different remediation methods are used. Remediation using the conventional techniques, are expensive and also disturb the natural fragile ecosystem, it is hence important to resort to environmentally sustainable technologies. One such efficient new age technology is phytoremediation. It is the40

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Climate Change Can Make You Vulnerable To Diseases

The earth is 4.5 billion years old. It has seen a lot of changes over the centuries from phases of extremely high temperature to the periods of permafrost, a lot about these climatic changes is known because of the remains found in the corals, rocks, ice, trees and fossils. These climatic changes have brought about wiping out of the most powerful species of those times. Human interventions, increased level of greenhouse gases has accelerated the rate of this change. Carbon40

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Insight into the World of Detergents

The timeline of production of synthetic detergent dates back to the time of World War-I, when there was an acute shortage of the essential ingredients of soap i.e. animal fats and vegetable oil, it was then that in Germany, synthetic detergent was developed for the first time. The advantage of using synthetic detergent was that it not only better suited the textile industry but also did not combine with mineral salts present in water to form soap curd which was40

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Houseplants – Nemesis For Indoor Air Pollution

The energy crunch witnessed by the world in the late 1970s forced people to design and resort to energy efficient techniques and practices, which also included energy efficient buildings. Energy efficient housings brought in the trend of buildings which were super-insulated and had reduced free exchange of fresh air. It was eventually realized that these buildings having tighter and congested construction, sealed from outside air was more prone to accumulation of indoor air pollutants to dangerous levels, greatly affecting the40


Pesticides – Boon or Bane?

Rachel Carson in her famous book Silent Spring had adeptly said, “How could intelligent beings seek to control a few unwanted species by a method that contaminated the entire environment and brought the threat of disease and death even to their own kind?” Agriculture dates back to ten thousand years. There has always been the problem of pests and diseases which would greatly reduce the crop productivity and inflict upon the people the wrath of famine. The first instances of40


Main Principles of Organic Farming

Organic farming is very important because it produces naturally grown organic foods. Organic farming emphasizes soil fertility and maintains the soil naturally without using chemicals to help grow and protect crops. Now a day’s organic farming is increasingly becoming more popular because people want less pesticides and fertilizers on our food. Organic farming not only helps us by providing better quality of food but also saves the environment by not spraying harmful pesticides into the air. Organic farming is essential40

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Why Gardening is Great for Children?

Children are always on the lookout for something exciting to do, or to attempt an activity they’ve never had the chance to partake in previously but one has been on their doorstep all of their lives. Literally. Gardening is the kind of pastime regularly overlooked by children, and their parents, when actually it has proven to be highly beneficial both in terms of their education and recreation. In recent times, increasing numbers of schools have been trying to adopt a40