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Consultant – Comprehensive Livelihood Assessment: Socio-Economic Baseline Assessment & Livelihood Strategy, UNHCR

Title: Consultant – Comprehensive Livelihood Assessment:Socio-Economic Baseline Assessment & Livelihood Strategy, United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees (UNHCR) Location:Delhi Organization’s profile: Providing sustainable livelihoods opportunities for urban refugees has been a vital component of the protection strategy for UNHCR India. In Delhi UNHCR and partners have developed several initiatives aiming to help refugees achieve greater levels of self-reliance and gain income either through employment or entrepreneurship / small business ownership. Job Description: To define a baseline by analyzing and compiling40

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Programme Manager Aide et Action International – South Asia ( AEAI-SA)

Title:Programme Manager Aide et Action International – South Asia ( AEAI-SA) Location:Delhi Organization’s profile: Aide et Action was established in 1981. A specialist in development through education, intervenes in 25 countries, across Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe. Through over 100 projects, Aide et Action, along with its partners, contributes to improving access to education and the quality of education for over 3 million children and works with a vision of “a world where dignity is ensured for40

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Production Coordinator, Sshrishti

Title:Production Coordinator, Sshrishti Location: Delhi Organization’s profile: Sshrishti is an NGO with a mission to educate underprivileged children and empower women. Job Description: Job entails travel to Delhi and NCR. Candidate must have eagerness and earnestness in designing new projects and execution of existing ones Eligibility: A diploma or relevant degree and ready to travel to project areas in Delhi and the NCR. Experience of two years in NGO and developmental sector is appreciated. How to apply: To apply send40

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Asia Regional Representative, Trickle Up

Title:Asia Regional Representative, Trickle Up Location:West Bengal Organization’s profile: Founded in 1979, Trickle Up (TU) empowers people living in extreme poverty to take the first steps out of poverty, providing them with resources to build livelihoods for a better quality of life. Job Description: Interact and develop relationships with other international and national NGOs and key government agencies active in livelihood development and/or working with extremely vulnerable and marginalized populations, fund raising, increase visibility of Trickle Up in India through40

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Livelihoods Asia Photography Contest 2014, ACCESS

Title: Livelihoods Asia Photography Contest 2014, ACCESS Organization’s profile: In order to understand and assess the key issues and challenges that the sector faces and also to craft a vision and strategy for its growth, ACCESS has introduced the Livelihoods India Initiative, a national platform on livelihoods. The initiative has evolved significantly over the years and has emerged as an important forum for all stakeholders to discuss and mull over critical issues that impede and afflict the sustainability of the40

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We love to eat, isn’t it? All of us, almost, without exceptions. And no matter how developed or technologically “smart” we become in the times to come, there is no underscoring of the fact that we would not function in the same capacity without the food that we eat. Yet, we are ignorant, flagrantly ignorant, and it is time when the dungeon that we choose to keep ourselves in, will no longer protect us from the sunlight. The dreams will40

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Essay on Livelihood

Nature is the birth giver to all living beings existing on earth. Though we are living in an age of cyborgs, we cannot detach ourselves from the environment we live in. Livelihood refers to the means and sources of living which we use in our everyday life. Man, like other natural creatures is born out of natural things and is a natural component. Then why is he living an artificial life today? I would like to examine this question in40


Essay on ‘Livelihood- A Long Way To Go’

Livelihood is a short eight letter word which has a huge and a wide meaning. Livelihood is defined as “means of securing basic necessities of life such as food, shelter and clothes.” We, humans are in constant race of acquiring the so called “livelihood” by any means-by hook or by crook! But pause for a moment and let us think that are we not in the race which should actually not begin only? Are we not following a band wagon?40