Oil well

Oil industry boom-and-bust visualised

With the world’s energy demands that are needed to power transportation, it is reported that we are exhausting the earth’s supply of oil. In fact, recent findings from the International Energy Agency (IEA) unveiled the world will face oil shortages far sooner than anticipated. Therefore understanding the volume and speed of consumption is critical. This interactive animation allows people to get a better sense of how much oil is left in the top 10 countries with the most oil reserves,40

A map of world oil reserves, January 2014

Top 5 countries in the world with highest oil production and consumption

Petroleum is one of the most precious natural resources discovered by mankind. It has fuelled industrial growth in the past and is still being used as a primary source of energy across multiple industrial sectors. This magic fuel is a complex mixture of hydrocarbons. Due to its form and high calorific value content, it has become very popular. Its vital role in energizing industrial growth has changed the world economy. However, use of petroleum started only recently. Before the initiation40

Wind turbines in Tamilnadu

Oil India Limited To invest Rs. 600 Crore in Renewable Energy

Oil India Ltd will be investing Rs.600 crore for setting up wind and solar capacity as per report by live mint. The company will also set up and purchase liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals in the country. “We are preparing our LNG strategy. We are discussing it,” said T.K. Ananth Kumar, director, finance. Oil India has already set up a 57.6 megawatt (MW) wind power capacity at an investment of Rs.400 crore and plans to build a 5 MW solar40

Economic Importance of Madhuca indica

Family:  Sapotaceae Genus: Madhuca Species: M. Longifolia Common name:  Mahua, Mohua Origin: India Description:  Medium to large sized deciduous tree, spreading branches and a large rounded crown. Leaves are clustered at the end of branches, elliptic, obovate. Flowers are small; cream- coloured and produced in clusters at end of branches. Fruit a green egg- shaped fleshy berry. Seeds are either double convex or flattened on one or two sides. Economic Importance: The timber can be put to a variety of40