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5 Games that Teach Kids Environmental Conservation

One of the basic instincts of humans is the drive to survive. An urge to live necessitates the need to develop consciousness of our surroundings. We want to thrive in a suitable environment beneficial to our health and status. Then again, what we require is almost completely different from what we demand. A house is essential, a mansion is not; a car important, a packed garage is not. We can only expend the womb of nature to an extent.

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Our environment has allotted a limit to everything it owns. It does fulfil our needs and self-indulgence, but we must know for the knowledge of knowing things that it can forfeit resources anytime. With the standard of life undergoing a dramatic transformation, the biosphere has started to change. The being nature decorated with a supreme title, this human being, began condemning duties to satisfy an unending thirst.

Our strength aims at destroying the very own nest that comforted and lullabied us when unripe. So, unintentionally we became a weapon of our own extinction. Bulldozed by our selfish interests, Earth has been abandoned and left to walk the plank towards its untimely demise. This planet is on the verge of losing its glory.

Newspapers ink issues related to pollution seen in our ecosystem. Lectures are delivered, seminars held, debates defended, workshops conducted, and ideas conceived on environmental protection, yet practicality of preserving Nature is still at nadir. It is to be understood that humans have a far greater responsibility and power than we comprehend. It’s up to us to save generations that are yet to be born whilst protecting the existing ones. Sustainable resource utilization is the way forward to decelerate irreversible changes in our biosphere and awareness forms one of the central pillars in this matrix. Resources we utilize are not something we inherit from the past but something we borrow from the future.

For now, focusing on the young generation, making them aware of climate change, pollution, and the ecosystem will help in garnering a strong defence for the future. Including games to help children understand environment along with their basic education is responsible behaviour. Kids pick up ideas quicker than adults, and if properly educated, hold on to their beliefs. The strong alliance of forthrightness and academic liberation of our children will go a long way in helping overcome difficulties we face right now or they might encounter in the future.

Environment Games for Kids

Starting from something basic will help children gain interest in the subject. So, for all parents and teachers out there, given below is a list of five important yet interactive environment games for kids to play. These games have some basic requirements. All games are gadget-based apps i.e. work on tablets/mobiles, require one player at a time, and continue till one completes all levels or tasks per day. However, it is always better to save the game and login later as per the child’s schedule to avoid constant blue-light exposure.

1. Eco Kids

This game focuses on increasing awareness in children about various aspects of the environment. The kids have to wear a wildlife photographer’s hat and dive into the gadget-based platform to understand land use, water, wastage, climate change, wildlife, energy etc. The game has levels depending on various age groups. One is free to choose whichever level they want.

2. Recycle City

This game is focused on cleaning the city and creating awareness about cleanliness. It helps kids understand the importance of keeping their city/town tidy. They become a dump-town manager and have to manage recycling to keep the city protected and clean.

3. Clim’way

This game focuses on helping a specific community achieve their goals for the environment. Children are required to plan a process that keeps greenhouse gases at bay while reducing the overall percentage of poisonous gases. Flexible planning procedures make this game highly entertaining. One can also use alternative sources of energy. This game helps understand immoderate human consumption of fossil fuels and how this is affecting our planet everyday.

4. MarcoPolo Ocean

This game features marine ecosystems where the player’s task is to place plants and animals into a seascape. Once it is built, the kids can play inside the ocean scene. When dragging plants or animals, the narrator identifies each object, continually providing noteworthy facts. No reading is required and this game is appropriate for preschoolers. The children can interact with more than 30 species of marine animals and fish.

5. Disneynature Explore

This game sends children on five animal adventures. Each adventure has four missions. Augmented reality is used to superimpose realistic animals onto the game environment. It has photo missions too and showcases a couple of real animal video clips. The game provides kids a chance to help their wild animal friends complete daily activities.

A novel and innovative method of teaching kids about environmental conservation is to include them in day to day activities at home. Set an example of how you, as a parent and responsible member of the society, caters to reducing wastage, saving electricity and water, recycling, composting, or tending to your garden.

As inquisitive as kids are, they learn more by watching than by being taught. Involving them to understand each aspect of the environment by making certain lifestyle changes and explaining to them why you did will satisfy their curiosities, and also go a long way in keeping them environmentally alert. It is because the first and foremost role model of children is their parents. So start cultivating eco-friendly behaviour at home and make sure they learn about activities, related to climate change and conservation, going on around the world.

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