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8 Reasons EVs are the Future of Transportation

There’s always something new to discuss when the topic of EVs arise. Today, you might read an article that talks about driverless insurance, and tomorrow you might watch a video that demos an EV concept car yet to hit production.

The headlines never stop. After all, electric cars are having the automotive “it” factor, and they will revolutionize the way we commute.

Auto Loan Solutions has designed an infographic that brings those revolutionary trends into focus. “8 Reasons EVs are the Future of Transportation” takes a look at the names and numbers behind the new wave of electric vehicles on the horizon. A content of this nature usually attracts a significant number of critics. After all, the technology is new, and improvements needed to build more efficient EVs will make these vehicles easy targets for criticism.

Remember, people are often slow to embrace new technology that’s disruptive or seems premature. Short-sightedness plays a role. For example, the typical arguments for EVs not taking off involve concerns such as battery life, charging infrastructure and the cost of maintenance.

While these concerns are legitimate, it’s very unlikely that they’ll remain constant. For example, lithium-ion batteries which have improved at a rate of 5 – 10% each year. Charging infrastructure around the world has also changed for the better, and there are countries that have as many charge stations as they do gas stations.

In North America, our attitude towards transportation may differ from European standards, but our views don’t dictate global views. So we may embrace electric vehicle technology at a slow pace, but other countries have shown much enthusiasm in making EVs a viable alternative.

The infographic reveals the growth of electric cars that skeptics overlook. Of course, some might still say that it’s all speculation, but it’s hard to ignore the data. So take a look and see how EV technology is transforming cars for better.


Rebecca Hill, Auto Loan Solutions

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  • This is inspiring ! Very well written with great info-graphics. I would like to read about these facts in detail, can also share the references ? Also I have one question for you - What will be the impact of EVs on the current electricity grid ? Can they support it ?

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