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Air pollution in Beijing 25 times above the WHO safe mark

Industrial Air PollutionAir pollution of Beijing, China has reached to dangerous levels on 16 January 2014 and people of the city have been warned to take precautions. US embassy monitoring post said that the air pollution of the city was 25 times higher than the mark that is considered safe by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Thick smog that has been named as Airpocalypse (impenetrable toxic fog) allowed visibility to people about a few hundred meters only.

The complete city was covered with dense gray smog. This was the first incident of the season in which waves carried extremely dangerous pollution that was concentrated with toxic small particles. Due to these smog commuters of Beijing was supposed to wear industrial strength face masks.

Air pollutants have plagued maximum major cities of China as the country has long sacrificed the protection of environment on the name of economic development. The air of China on the became hazardous after it passed the Beyond Index of 300 at which concentration of fine matter become many times then the exposure limit recommended by WHO.

The municipal legislature of Beijing on has passed a regulation on air pollution featuring emission controls and harsher penalties to curb and battle severe smog.

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