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Ancient worms Frozen for 40000 years brought back to life

For around 42,000 years, ancient worms have been frozen and miraculously brought back to life. This surprising work was done by Russian Researcher.

Worm, Image for illustration purpose only

Moreover, two worms were carefully melted out of the ice near Moscow at the Institute of Physico-Chemical and Biological Problems of Soil Science. In a report by The Sun, it was stated that these worms had been there since the Pleistocene age.

Only two of about 300 frozen worms which were believed to be suitable for the experiment by the researchers were these roundworms which lived adjacent the giant woolly mammoths. Apart from this, two tiny nematodes also known as roundworms were found in two areas of Russia’s frigid north in the ancient permafrost. In association with Princeton University, scientists from Russia considered the worms to be approximately 32,000 and 42,000 years old. Based upon this estimation, this makes these worms the oldest known living organisms on Earth.

One of these worms was discovered by Russian Alazeya River in 2015 and the other one was found by the Kolyma River back in 2002.

Scientists shared that these worms are very old, as they hail from the Pleistocene era, which has crossed around 2.6 million years ago to around 12,000 years ago. Most of the people refer to this time period as “Ice Age” and it was also reported that some of these small creatures have shared the Earth with some of the earliest humans in their original time period.

Well, these worms teach everyone on this planet that how life can continue over thousands and thousands of years besides getting completely frozen. Some organisms could also be transported between planets on asteroids and all this happens while they are frozen for the entire trip through space, said the astronauts. They get converted from solid to soft state once they come crashing down on an alien world. Out of many theories related to life spreads throughout the universe and it appears that these nematodes must be some prime candidates.

Researchers say that the worms twitching back to life could be an invention in cryonics and also it will lead to a research in a field that would freeze bodies for years to suspend people. Moreover, the worms might contain some clues that could further assist the scientists in developing new discoveries in cryonics.

These frozen worms have become the first multi-cellular creatures of any category to become able to survive for such long periods in the frozen state. Many of the theories are getting altered concerning the kinds of worlds where extraterrestrial life might exist and this is because of the research on the mechanism that has let these worms to survive.

The discoveries have also made a reminder that due to permafrost melts and global warming, these worms come with many other things. There are chances that many strange creatures might come crawling out of the thaw then.

The ultimate goal is to keep humans frozen during the occurrence of interplanetary exploration that too at 196-degree centigrade for centuries.

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