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Ride Hailing Firm Lyft Acquires Motivate

A transformative agreement has been announced by Lyft, which aims at acquiring Motivate, the largest bike-share operator in North America. Both Lyft and Motivate aims at changing the urban transportation and launch bikeshare systems across the country, which will promote growth and innovation. By giving affordable and reliable ways, Lyft and Motivate have been committed for years to reduce the use and need of personal cars around the cities. They are working on the same objective.

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This commitment also shows Lyft’s promise towards a more sustainable world, which is a big contribution to the Green Cities Initiative. It is a part of the recent carbon neutrality pledge. In order to pursue growth and innovation, Lyft will make a huge investment to launch bike offerings in the main markets where Motivate is current ruling. Lyft is quite excited to work for cities that deliver innovation and is also eager to give dockless and pedal-assist electric bikes around the country to various riders. Whatever the work Motivate has begun, the Lyft will provide resources to it.

Lyft is obtaining all the technologies acquired by Motivate and also all its corporate functions, which includes its city contracts. This was a part of their agreement, but however, the bike maintenance and the servicing corporate functions provided by Motivate will remain the part of their individual business only. This will still continue to become a big support across North America for bikeshare systems.

In collaboration with local governments and cities across the country, Motivate has a unique viewpoint on operating bikeshare platforms and also has a huge expertise in it. Both Lyth and Motivate are perfect for this programme; Motivate’s collaborative approach with cities will show the path to Lyth and they will use their strategic vision for bikeshare nationwide.

Many of the largest bike share systems established in North America are operated by Motivate. Those include Blue Bikes (Boston metro area), Ford GoBike (San Francisco Bay area), Divvy (Chicago), Citi Bike (New York), Capital Bikeshare (Washington, D.C. metro area), Nice Ride (Minneapolis), CoGo (Columbus, Ohio), and BIKETOWN (Portland metro area). According to an estimate made in 2017, Motivate operates around 80 per cent of the bike share trips in the US. There is a huge demand for the bike share systems and also Americans have more potential to deal with this powerful urban transportation option.

The collaboration of Lyft and Motivate will bring along enormous new resources that will also bring new changes to get around cities. This will also bring new energy which will make sure that in urban mobility, bike shares play a big role. This was stated by Steve Koch, the Motivate Executive Chairman. He also added that their vision is to integrate their services in the public sector too, which will change the landscape of urban transportation. This will increase bike riders and make cities better.

A natural extension of Lyf’s approach is Bikeshare, which aims at improving the building community and transportation access by offering facilities like shared rides and the union of public transit in the app. This will reduce the congestion on roads by making it possible to have fewer cars on the roads. In addition to it, there will be support of Motivate and its efforts will make bike share a safe, equitable, and reliable option in the major cities. Motivate has made an industry with the best practices which will offer low-income bike share memberships. While entering the bike share space, the top priorities for Lyft were figured out- Transportation equity and inclusion. However, plans are to dedicate more and more resources to make sure that the bike share programs are properly available irrespective of riders income. More emphasis is on neighbourhoods that have limited approach to public transportation.

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