Eco-friendly Rakhis by TRIFED

Plantable & Eco-Friendly Rakhis from Tribes India

Eco-friendly Rakhis are being sold by TRIFED, an autonomous organisation under Ministry of Tribal Affairs. The product has been made available on banner of Tribes India at all its retail outlets and e-commerce portals including, Amazon, Snapdeal, PayTM and Flipkart. Besides, ethnic clothing meant for Rakshabandhan30

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The Street: Mathura, India

This project is located in lead from the old city streets of Mathura City in India. An 800 room for students’ hostel that produces natural spaces is a 4 level design with 5 linear blocks. The spaces built turn along their length and snake across30

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Self-Excavation Hurricane House

Located near the Louisiana coastline, the hurricane house has a long history of hurricanes and also has many destructive effects. The ocean storms stimulate falling on the state from the coast of Africa (where they are formed) due to Louisianna’s location along the Gulf of30

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re_Forum: The Novel Bookstore

The bookstore project is located in a former shipbuilding and manufacturing hub situated in the North East of England when the Industrial Revolution happened i.e. the centre of Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. This place has now been transformed into a centre of business, science, and30

People's Pavilion - 100% Borrowed

People’s Pavilion – 100% Borrowed

Eindhoven, Netherlands bureau SLA & OvertredersW The People’s Pavilion is a design statement of the new circular economy, a 100% circular building where no building materials are lost in construction. One of the most important design events in Northern Europe—took place in Eindhoven (NL). In30

Social Housing Units in Massive Stone

Social Housing Units in Massive Stone

Paris, France Barrault Pressacco architectes The Parisian practice Barrault Pressacco recently completed a social housing project in massive stone. The operation articulates an environmental approach to design whilst echoing the Hausmannian building tradition that characterises the French capital. The use of this natural material equally30

Nature Forever Society Logo

Nature Forever Society Sparrow Awards

Media Release Monitor the Sparrows this March World Sparrow Day secretariat registers activities from around the world Fifth Year of World Sparrow Day Sparrow populations in many countries around the world are declining. World Sparrow Day on 20th March is everyone’s chance to rise to30