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CDM Projects statistics

(Note: CDM Projects status as on  April 2011)

The CDM is dynamic mechanism introduced by the Kyoto Protocol, allows a country with GHG emission reduction commitment or targets to implement GHG emission reduction/sink project in developing countries. Such projects can earn saleable and tradable Certified Emission Reduction (CER) popularly known as Carbon Credits. Each CER is equivalent to one tonne of CO2.

Since the CDM globally introduced, many carbon reduction and carbon sink projects have been registered. Following table gives the quantitative information about the top ten countries having highest numbers of registered CDM projects across the world. Table also shows the volume of CERs (Carbon Credits) in periodic manner.

Top ten countries in terms of registered CDM projects



As per different sectors, following table shows successful registered CDM project types across the globe.

Sector Wise registerd CDM projects


CDM Project category_different sectors

Indian Scenario:

India is one of the 184 signatory countries who signed Kyoto Protocol. India ranked second position in terms of registered CDM projects across the world. As far as project type is concerned Wind energy projects are on the top position followed by hydro, biomass and waste heat recovery projects.  HFC reduction/avoidance projects are small in number as compared to Biomass but have highest numbers of annual emission reductions.  (Refer following table)

Sector wise Registered CDM projects and generated CERs - India


CDM Projects categories verses emission reductions-World

State wise registered CDM projects in India:

As per the information available on NCDMA, following figure shows state wise distribution of registered CDM projects. Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Andhra pradesh, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh are the leading states in terms of overall project registration.  (Source: IGES, NCDMA)

Statewise registered CDM project in India

(Source: UNFCCC and IGES CDM database)


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