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Co2ube- A simple, elegant device to reduce your car’s CO2 emissions

CO2ube is the debut product of Ecoviate, a start up that aspires to create a more sustainable planet with a cleaner environment and more efficient energy resources.

The founders of Ecoviate, Param Jaggi and Jonny Cohen, were both named to the 2012 & 2013 Forbes ’30 under 30: Energy’ list.

The CO2ube (pronounced: C-O-Tube) is a device that fits directly on the exhaust of any motor vehicle. The device uses photosynthesis and simple chemical reactions to diminish carbon dioxide from the source itself. To accommodate any exhaust stream, the firm has built an adapter that uses simple engineering to transfer emissions from any exhaust tip, into the filter.

The device has already gone through multiple prototypes and tests.

The actual process is simple yet elegant. Innovation is in applying what you have learnt to solve real problems of the day and this is where these young researchers impressed me. They have grown algae within the exhaust stream through a process of artificial selection in the lab. Multiple generations of algae colonies were grown to find the most suitable strain for the heat and pressure of the exhaust system. The ultimate product is sodium carbonate which does not harm the environment. In general, the reaction is able to produce water, sodium carbonate, oxygen, and sugars for the algae to grow.

CO2ube filter will last about 8-10 weeks.

The promoters are also trying to get necessary approvals to ensure that users of the CO2ube will be able to drive in the H.O.V. lane without meeting the occupancy minimum requirement and also (after necessary approval) that users of the CO2ube receive an additional tax credit from the EPA.

They have also applied to give the customers a tax credit (similar to the electric vehicle tax credit) for using this technology. A regulatory approval will be pursued later.

The project is currently listed on kickstarter, the popular crowd funding website. You can also chip in and help towards making the environment greener and cleaner.

If you wish to learn more about the project, click here


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