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Cuzen Matcha: Here’s how you can brew your own matcha tea every day

For most of us, our morning tea is a sacrosanct ritual that we cannot skip. Slight deviance in this mundane ritual and your day isn’t the same anymore. Also, the way one likes to have their tea differs from individual to individual. Some like it sweet, others mild and then some want it strong. Over the years, this essential morning ritual has taken a healthier turn. More and more people are giving up regular milk tea and switching to healthier options. These options include matcha tea, which is often touted as a superfood considering its multiple health benefits. Loaded with several nutrients, matcha tea is rich in antioxidants and is also known to have cancer-fighting properties.

Matcha Latte
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You might often see the shelves of your favourite supermarket be lined with packs of matcha tea. However, the regular store-bought matcha tea is not always the best for you. It might contain added preservatives to make the product last longer. In addition, the prices of these store-bought brands aren’t always the most reasonable. So, what if you are told that you can brew your own fresh match tea straight from the leaves of the plant? Cuzen Matcha’s Matcha maker is a state-of-the-art machine which can ensure that you get naturally brewed Matcha tea every day. The machine is a great fit for modern kitchens which makes making matcha tea using traditional techniques easier and quicker.

The machine comprises three parts namely, the tea life hopper, a ceramic mill and the magnetic whisk. To brew the tea, add the match tea leaves to the canister and cover it with the wooden lid. Next, add 50ml water to the canister. Ensure that the water is at room temperature. There is a marker on the glass to help you add the correct quantity of water. Now, put the cup back on the magnetic motor base and choose the strength of the mixer. Press ‘start’, wait till the cup stops rotating and your freshly brewed matcha tea is ready. You can drink it straight out of the cup or mix it in milk to make yourself a matcha latte.

The Matcha Maker is designed in a way that you get the freshest of brew any time of the day wherever you want. For instance, the machine’s tea leave hopper has an aluminium chamber that prevents oxidation so that the leaves do not lose their flavour and aroma. The hopper can hold enough tea leaves to make 20 cups. The cherry on the cake is that it prevents wastage of single-use plastic.

The ceramic mill sports a strong and compact design. It grinds the matcha tea leaves into a fine powder just like a traditional mortar and pestle. The way it controls the release of the ground tea leaves is ideal for whisking. The speed of the magnetic whisk is such that you get the same results as you would have got with manually whisking the solution. It is so synchronised with the ceramic mill that you get the perfect frothy cup of matcha tea. Another advantage of using this machine is that it doesn’t leave a mess as is the case with manually whisking something. The machine weighs only 2.1kg, so it can easily be put anywhere in the house. It can also be cleaned easily by rinsing the cup with water.

Cuzen Matcha is the brainchild of friends who own a California-based food tech company. The entrepreneur duo started working on the project with an aim to make matcha’s health benefits more accessible by way of their offering. Cuzen Matcha’s design balances modern engineering principles with traditional techniques and organic farming.

Cuzen Matcha also sells matcha leaves. These leaves start out as tencha leaves which are picked for harvest after growing in the shade for over three weeks. They are then steamed, dried up and packed so that they stay fresh. These leaves are full of umami and are vibrant green in colour. The company sources these leaves from a plantation located in Kagoshima in Japan. The farm does not use any chemical pesticides or fertilizers to grow these leaves. Cuzen Matcha’s tea leaves are available in two variants – signature and premium. The premium variant is made of first spring harvest of leaves and has a rich umami flavour. It is ideal for those who want to have plain matcha tea without adding it to milk or water. The signature variant is a blend of leaves plucked after spring and summer harvest. Balanced in taste and full-bodied in texture, these are perfect for a latte or to be mixed with white wine or sparkling water.

Apart from Cuzen Matcha’s Matcha Maker, there are several other companies that are making similar products. For instance, Sharp’s Cere Matcha Tea Maker is a good alternative. It can make four cups of tea at once and has different settings for making cold and hot drinks.

Check the Cuzen Matcha’s campaign at Kickstarter.

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