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Economic Importance of Cupressus spp.

Cupressus spp.
Cupressus spp.

Botanical name:

  • C cashmeriana
  • C. torulosa
  • Family:  Cupressaceae


Description:  It is an evergreen tree with pyramidal shaped crown, ascending branches, pendulous branchlets and fan-shaped foliage with a bluish tinge. Cones greenish yellow. Seeds winged.

Economic Importance:

  • The wood is suitable for the production of Kraft, writing and printing papers and mechanical pulp for newsprint pulp for newsprint grade of paper, at fairly high yield. The tree is cultivated as an ornamental in FRI, Dehradun.
  • A very useful tree for avenues and gardens.
  • Heartwood is light brown with darker streaks, moderately hard, suitable for making furniture and building material. It is an excellent timber for making railway sleepers. It is considered durable.
  • It is one of the most durable coniferous woods requiring no antiseptic treatment. Preferable to deodar wood for making window frames, ceilings, panels of doors, and flooring. Also suitable for pen- holders and inferior grade pencil.
  • Leaves yield an essential oil.

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