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Economic Importance of Platanus orientalis

  1. Kingdom: PlantaePlatanus orientalis
  2. Order: Proteales
  3. Family: Platanaceae
  4. Genus: Platanus
  5. Species: P. orientalis
  6. Common name:  Chinar
  7. Origin: India

Description: A medium sized or large tree. Leaf commonly has 5 -7 palmate lobes, all distinctly longer than wide. Some forms have fairly rigid leaf blades with the lobe tips and teeth pointing upwards. Fruits are borne in groups of 2-6, commonly 4 on a stem, borne on short lateral growths.

Economic Importance:

  • Wood used for small boxes ,trays, and similar articles which are lacquered and painted; also used for cabinet –making, furniture, veneers, carving, coach-building and general turnery and for wood pulp; suitable for boot lasts. A fabric dye is obtained from the branches and roots.
  •  Bark antiscorbutic and antirheumatic; boiled in vinegar used in diarrhoea and dysentery. The bark is boiled in vinegar and then used in the treatment of diarrhoea, dysentery, hernias and toothache.
  • The leaves are astringent and vulnerary. The fresh leaves are bruised and applied to the eyes in the treatment of ophthalmia. A decoction is used to treat dysentery and a cream made from the leaves is used to heal wounds and chilblains.The leaves are harvested in the spring and summer and can be dried for later use.

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